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The St John’s Grammar School Board of Governors is an elective, representative, and collective body

  • It is elective, in that the appointment and determination of Board members is the prerogative of members through the election process
  • It is representative in that no Governor can be mandated by their constituency (where such exists eg Diocesan representatives) to adopt a particular position if they do not believe it to be in the best interests of the School. Whatever the constituency of any member, all members must act selflessly when determining the Board’s decisions
  • It is collective, in that while each member has the right to argue for their own point of view and to vote for that position. However, once a collective decision has been taken Board members are required to support that decision

The function of the Board is to set the School’s policy and strategic direction, collectively ensure the delivery of its objectives, and uphold its values.

The Board is responsible and accountable for ensuring and monitoring that the School is performing well, is solvent, and is complying with all its legal, financial, and ethical obligations. The responsibilities of the Board cannot be delegated to any other person or body.

The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Strategic planning – reviewing and approving strategic direction and initiatives
  • Regulatory monitoring – ensuring that the School complies with all relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements
  • Financial monitoring – setting and reviewing the School’s budget, monitoring management and financial performance to ensure the solvency, financial strength and good performance of the School
  • Financial reporting – considering and approving annual financial statements and required reports to government
  • Leadership selection – selecting, evaluating the performance of, and if necessary, dismissing the School’s Principal
  • Succession planning for Board and Principal
  • Determining the Principal’s remuneration
  • Reviewing and monitoring strategic risk management
  • Having regard to the School’s ethical responsibility including the social and environmental impact of the schools operations
  • Evaluating and improving the performance of the Board.
 Jodie Benveniste

Jodie Benveniste

Chair of the Board

Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, parenting author, and thought leader in parenting and family wellbeing. She is the author of five parenting books, is a regular media commentator on parenting issues, has consulted with a wide range of organisations on family and work/life issues, and has worked with significant brands as a brand ambassador.

She is South Australian State Convenor for the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth, is Associate Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, and is editorial advisor for ACP’s parenting magazines.

Jodie has previous board experience in the community childcare sector, has two children at the School, and is committed to seeing St John’s Grammar provide an outstanding education and experience to children, parents and families.

 John Bray

John Bray

Board Member, Permanent Governor and Chair of Property & Development Committee

John has been a Board member for over 30 years, has been Chairman and served on various Board Committees and panels.  Interestingly, John was the original Sports Convenor.  Both his children attended St John’s Grammar School.

With qualifications in building and architecture, John has been self-employed for over 40 years.  As well as a busy architectural practice, John manages to find time to perform community service not only to St John’s Grammar, but also serves on the Association of Independent Schools’ Board of SA.  His knowledge and experience in building development has been invaluable to the School.

Felicity England

Felicity England

Board Vice Chair and Member of Finance, Audit & Risk Committee

Felicity is a lawyer with over 15 years’ experience in private legal practice, and is currently working in an in-house role for a not for profit organisation.  Felicity contributes to the governance processes of the board, strategic business decisions and policy development.

Felicity is an Old Scholar of the School and is keen to see the School continue to strengthen its business, brand and market share while maintaining its unique and distinguishing identity.

Revd Dr Warren Huffa

Revd Dr Warren Huffa

Board Member and Parish Representative

Warren is an Anglican Priest, having been ordained in 1989. Soon after being ordained he completed doctoral studies in Theology through Flinders University. He has since served in a variety of positions in Adelaide and rural SA.

Warren is currently the parish priest of Hawthorn, a St John’s Grammar parent, and former chaplain of the Secondary Campus. Warren thinks the Christian values of the School provide an excellent context for character development of the students and believes the pastoral care of the students at St John’s Grammar is excellent. He hopes to contribute to the continuing excellence of St John’s Grammar through membership of the Board.

Phil Lewis

Board Member

Since May 2019 Phil has taken on the role of Executive Officer and Company Secretary for Catholic Secondary Principals Australia (CaSPA). Previously Phil was a teacher and educational leader in South Australian Catholic Colleges and has completed two Masters Degrees in Educational Leadership. He has served as Principal at two schools:

Gleeson College, Golden Grove (2004 – 2013)
Nazareth College, Flinders Park (2014 – April 2019)
Phil has also served as the Chair of the Adelaide Catholic Principals Association (APCSS) from 2011 – 2014. He was a CaSPA Director from 2011 and was the CaSPA President from 2013 – 2017. He is very much looking forward to his important role of working with the St John’s Grammar School Board of Governors and contributing to the future development of the School.

Katie Tucker

Katie Tucker

Board Member

Katie is a passionate and award-winning educator in the tertiary education sector.  Her current career focus is on learning and teaching methodology with an emphasis on best practice in the area of blended learning and pioneering ways to transfer knowledge that integrates face-to-face student contact and the utilisation of technology in an online learning environment.  She is an International Advisory Board member and reviewer within her field of specialisation within academia.

Prior to her current role, Katie held a range of senior leadership and management positions in Health and has been part of leading edge state-wide initiatives to review corporate processes and achieve productivity improvements.  Given this she is particularly equipped in areas such as human resource management, risk management, corporate governance, strategic planning, consumer engagement, process and system redesign. She now utilises this experience and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students in topics such as health leadership.

Katie has dual degrees, one being in education, as well as Masters qualifications.  Committed to lifelong learning, in her ‘spare’ time Katie is also currently completing a PhD. which has a focus on systems improvement and technology in learning environments.  She is also an active mentor to undergraduate and senior school students in areas such as the transition from school to university and successful lifelong learning strategies.

Stephen Voss

Stephen Voss

Board Member

Stephen Voss is a commercial lawyer with over 30 years’ experience. He is a partner in national law firm, Thomson Geer. Stephen was a member of the Board of Thomson Geer for nine years and the National Head of its disputes department for a further six years. Stephen is a member of the Law Society of South Australia and the Law Council of Australia. Stephen brings a significant depth of legal and commercial experience to the Board of Governors.

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