Wellbeing & Support

St John’s Grammar School prioritises the wellbeing of students and provides them with the necessary tools to healthy, meaning and purposeful lives. The School provides support for the student’s personal growth, independence and overall wellbeing, helping them to reach their full potential.

Whole School Initiatives

ELC – Year 12 Wellbeing Framework

Our whole-school Wellbeing Framework is underpinned by six key pillars, each capturing key aspects of wellbeing while recognising the diversity of actions, relationships, and learning that build and maintain wellbeing.


Qualified counselling support is possible through our school counsellors. Students are able to self-refer, or can be referred by St John’s Grammar staff, with appointments centrally coordinated to ensure all students have equal opportunities. Our counselling team work closely with external support and will assist with external referrals when needed.

Wellbeing Assistants

The Wellbeing team provides accessible support throughout the school day and are always guided by what our students need. Support could include helping you to connect, problem solve, and create strategies to manage any obstacles that pop up. The Wellbeing Space is drop-in-style, which means our students can visit without an appointment at any time.

Learning Support

A broad range of learners are accommodated within our Exceptional Learners’ Framework, support at either end of the learning spectrum is provided as well as programs to support those who have unique learning needs around other commitments and responsibilities. All students also have access to homework clubs, as well as tutoring by Old Scholars and staff via the library.

WellNest Centre

The WellNest is home to our on-site, accessible, flexible and affordable in-house consulting team of specialists in the areas of psychology, learning support and wellbeing. In addition to an in-house team of experts, St John’s Grammar has established partnerships with a number of additional providers who can use the WellNest as a base. The aim of the WellNest Centre is to provide a place where our St John’s families are prioritised and mums and dads enjoy the convenience of that help being administered without interruptions to their busy schedules. The WellNest Centre is located on the Junior School campus, adjacent to the Junior School Front Office on the northern side of the staff complex. It is accessible from the street as well as from the school campus.

Junior Campus Wellbeing Program

An ELC to Year 12 Wellbeing Framework is further supported by our CARES program (courtesy, awareness, responsibility, empathy and service) and Program Achieve.

Commencing with the Bright Beginnings Wellbeing Program during the first two weeks of Term 1, students are set up to start at St John’s Grammar School with their best foot forward and equipped with skills, knowledge and a positive attitude to be successful in all areas of School life.

The Friendology Program, which spearheads the School-Wide Wellbeing Program, empowers students with the skills, language, and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier relationships. It creates a common language of friendship among kids, teachers, and parents. The wellbeing concepts and strategies are taught by a specialist teacher.

Program Highlights – Year 3 – 6

Wellbeing, or Friendology, becomes one dedicated lesson per week. Following the Wings program of our School-wide wellbeing program, students learn more about hope, gratitude, optimism, perseverance, grit and resilience.

Secondary Campus Wellbeing Program

Students actively participate in wellbeing activities offered by St John’s Grammar School. Each of these sessions are integrated into the Wings curriculum of Health and Personal Development (Years 7 -10), while also connecting in with Wings Pastoral Program (Year 7 – 12). The School aims to address age-appropriate topics and themes in order to foster positive mental, emotional and social growth.

Program Highlights

Year 7 – Wings Program:

This program offers an opportunity to explore emotions, promote healthy lifestyles, personal growth, resilience, empathy and positive education principles. Year 7 students also engage in the Random Acts of Kindness project.

Year 8 – Wings Program:

This program offers an opportunity to strengthen self-awareness and cultivate respectful relationships, both in-person and online.

Year 9 – Rite Journey Program:

This is a rite of passage experience, held throughout the entire year. It was developed in South Australia, and complements the role of parents and caregivers in guiding students into young adulthood. It provides a platform for important conversations about respectful and responsible behaviour in society.

Year 10:

The Purposely Well program has been tailored specifically for Year 10. It builds upon the foundation laid during the Year 9 Rite Journey program, and focuses on facilitating a smooth transition into young adulthood. Topics covered include wellbeing, inclusivity, healthy relationships, ethical decision-making, mental resilience and community service.

Continuing Wellbeing:

For students who wish to delve deeper, we offer Stage 1 and 2 Health and Wellbeing subjects. These subjects provide a comprehensive exploration of individual wellbeing and its impact on local and global communities.

Final Years:

St John’s Grammar School continues to prioritise wellbeing through guided practice during Wings Pastoral Program, including the Wellbeing Wednesday series featuring developmentally appropriate topics presented by key staff and/or guest speakers. The School focuses on nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving and promoting safe choices in relationships, alcohol and drug use and cultivating positive mental health.

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