Two St John’s Grammar School students have risen to the top of over 4000 entries from across the nation, and named as official Finalists in the Young Archie competition!



An offshoot of the prestigious Archibald Prize competition, the Young Archie event invites budding artists between the ages of 5 and 18 to submit a portrait to the Art Gallery of NSW for competitive judging, with strict conditions of entry including that the portrait must be “of a person who is special to you – someone who is known to you and who knows you and plays a significant role in your life.”

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Year 11 Lexie B chose to paint her Pop in a piece entitled ‘Kindness’. 🥹
In Lexie’s own words: “When I look at my Pop, I have so many memories of my happy childhood growing up, and I see the kindness in his eyes that I have tried to capture in my painting.” We think you’ll agree that Lexie more than succeeded in portraying the kindness in those eyes!


In contrast to Lexie’s inter-generational choice of subject, Year 9 student Sinead G chose a subject (much) closer in age – their twin Eden! 👭
The artistic statement provided by Sinead to go with their submission included ruminations on how special the twin relationship is; an inseparable bond of friendship and support.
Sinead also describes the background imagery chosen:
“The setting sun in this painting has two meanings. It signifies that even when things seem bleak, my twin is right beside me. It also displays the beauty of nature, which makes us both feel connected to, and at peace with, the world.”


Both art pieces will now be exhibited alongside the Archibald Prize works at the Art Gallery of NSW, from 8 June to 8 September this year.
Congratulations Lexie and Sinead! 🤩