Middle School

Our programs in the Middle School greatly enrich students’ learning and help students to successfully transition from Primary, to Middle, and eventually to Senior School. Because all aspects of adolescents’ lives are changing, it is essential that we offer a safe, stimulating and rewarding environment.

We fully understand that the middle school years are a time of significant change and growth for adolescents. With that in mind, we’ve created an environment where students can thrive both academically and personally. Our school setting ensures their welling and also promotes intellectual curiosity, challenges their boundaries, and fosters personal growth. 

St John’s Grammar School’s Middle School is more than just a bridge between Primary and Senior School. It’s a journey of discovery, growth, and preparation that ensures our students are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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Middle School Curriculum

At St John’s Grammar School’s Middle School, we pride ourselves on offering a curriculum that is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly transition our students from their Junior School experiences into the more demanding academic environment of Secondary School.

As students progress through the Middle School they gain access to a broader range of elective subjects in addition to the core subjects. The core curriculum includes English, Science, Mathematics, Wings (wellbeing), Physical Education, and Humanities. Coupled with service and social justice initiatives, the Middle School years provide opportunities to grow and extend.

Enhancing our curriculum are several special programs to expand learning opportunities and provide individualised learning initiatives. These include our Innovative Agency FrameworkExceptional Learning Program and our Wellbeing Program. A comprehensive list of extra curricular activities also offers a range of opportunities for fun, challenge and exploration.

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St John’s Grammar’s Secondary Campus sport provides a range of valuable benefits for students.

The advantages of sport participation reach beyond physical fitness, it also assists with character building and the cultivation of lifelong skills such as teamwork, discipline and perseverance.

We offer two main seasons – Summer (Terms 1 & 4) and Winter (Terms 2 & 3) and students can nominate up to two sports per season as long as the games don’t clash.

Training sessions are generally held on Secondary Campus, either before or after school, or during break times. Matches are generally held after school or on weekends, depending on the sport. 

We encourage parent participation through coaching and team manager roles. 

More information about the range of sports on offer, and sport nomination forms can be found on our Extra Curricular page.


Instrumental Music Tuition
Music plays a crucial role in St John’s Grammar School’s education and development of students.

It offers numerous benefits that enhance their academic, emotional, and social growth. Recognising this significance, the School provides individual music tuition at both the Junior and Secondary Campuses. We offer a diverse range of musical instruments for students to choose from, ensuring that they have the opportunity to explore their musical talents and interests.

Instrumental lessons are held each week during Term. These generally take place during school hours on a rotating basis so that students do not miss the same subject lesson each week. However, special arrangements may be made for before or after school lessons where convenient for the tutor. Fees are to be discussed with the relevant tutor. Each student who enrols for instrumental/voice lessons at school is expected to attend all lessons.

Middle School Extra Curricular

A variety of options are available to suit a wide range of interests

In addition to Sport and Music, St John’s Grammar offers a variety of extra curricular options in the Middle School.

With a variety of options – everything from academic pursuits and challenges, through to special interest groups, leadership and lunchtime clubs – our extra curricular program has something to offer everyone.