Extra Curricular Opportunities at St John’s Grammar School

St John’s Grammar School provides students with a well-rounded education that extends far beyond the classroom walls. The school offers a range of extra curricular activities, enabling students to explore their passions, develop new skills, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

St John’s Grammar School understands the profound impact of extra curricular activities on a student’s personal growth and academic success. By recognising the importance of a comprehensive education that extends beyond traditional subjects, the school has curated an impressive array of opportunities designed to cater to diverse interests, abilities, and aspirations.

Enrolment & Nomination

Visit our Current Parents page to access the online forms to enrol in music tuition or nominate for a sport.

Match Programs & Result Information

Weekly Match Programs and training schedules are on Seesaw or Canvas along with weekly announcements regarding teams. Any game cancellations will be posted on Seesaw (R-5) or Canvas (Year 6 – 12)and we will also inform students during the school day when possible.

Schedules, results and ladders for each competition can be found on the following websites, SAAS and Southern Zone.

Junior School Extra Curricular Activities

Reception/Year 1/Year 2:

  • After-school activities: Netball, Auskick, Dance, Cricket, 22Too (gymnastics)
  • Junior Soarers choir
  • Lunchtime clubs: Lego, gardening, art, coding

Year 3/Year 4:

  • Sports: Basketball, football, hockey, kanga cricket, netball, softball, soccer
  • Programs: Auskick, Dance, Drama, 22Too (gymnastics)
  • Music: Junior Soarers choir (Year 3), Concert Eagles choir (Year 4), Marimba, music tuition, music ensembles
  • Challenging clubs: Mountain Bike, ICAS, code, writing, chess
  • Leadership opportunities: Sport Captaincy, SRC
  • Lunchtime clubs: Lego, gardening, art, coding

Year 5/Year 6:

  • Sports: Basketball, football, hockey, cricket, netball, softball, soccer
  • Programs: Auskick, Dance, Drama, 22Too (gymnastics)
  • Ensembles (bands, choirs), music tuition
  • Academic pursuits: Tournament of Minds, ICAS, da Vinci Decathlon
  • Challenging clubs: Mountain Bike, code, writing, chess
  • Leadership opportunities: School leaders, sport captains, group leadership
  • Lunchtime clubs: Lego, gardening, art, coding

Junior School Policies & Handbooks

Secondary Campus Extra Curricular Activities

Year 7-12:

  • Sports: basketball, netball, football, cricket, soccer, tennis, volleyball and more
  • Music and arts ensembles including band, choral, orchestra, school musical and cabaret, drama and dance
  • Exciting options: Pedal Prix, triathlons, mountain biking, Subs in Schools, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Tournament of Minds, VEX Robotics, F1 in Schools
  • House activities: Debating, chess, public speaking, inter-House sports, fundraising initiatives and challenges
  • Student-led clubs
  • Leadership positions for each year level
  • House and School events: Sports competitions, Carnivals, Festival of Ideas, Book Week, Science Week
  • Cultural Trips: Journey to Vietnam, Japanese Language & Cultural Trip, Indonesian Language & Cultural Trip, APY Lands Trip, Ski Trip

Secondary Campus Policies & Handbooks