About our Junior School

St John’s Grammar Junior School, provides a safe, innovative and challenging education for students from Reception, (including a mid-year intake), through to Year 6. The School is situated in a beautiful setting at the edge of Belair National Park and enjoys regular access to the Park’s rich natural resources, amenities and sporting facilities.

The Campus comprises of individual classrooms catering for each year level, a learning support/extension centre, a multi-purpose School activity Hall, specialist Music and Language classrooms and our Centre for Creativity; a resource centre which incorporates our award winning Library, a dedicated art room and a media room equipped with a green screen and an array of recording and media equipment. The centre also incorporates a multipurpose room that provides a myriad of additional uses and opportunities for collaborative learning, specialist presentations and workshops, co-curricular activities and ‘out of class’ learning experiences. A variety of outdoor spaces include two well equipped playgrounds, vegetable gardens, sand and mud pits, and a ‘play pod’; an exciting initiative where students use a variety of materials to build, create, learn and have fun during recess and lunch. A purpose built all-weather sporting field and courts provides a useable surface for sporting activities and play all year round.

St John’s Grammar Junior School provides an all-inclusive learning experience that is not limited to academic pursuit but supports students to develop strong decision-making and creative problem-solving skills. Our young students are encouraged to reach their full, individual potential through extensive academic, sporting, music, art, language, technological and co-curricular programs, combined with a robust and nurturing pastoral care system. Students are supported and guided in the development of social and communication skills, equipping children to be effective and articulate participants in an ever-changing society.

At the foundation of our thriving and compassionate collegiate community is our pastoral care program that promotes Courtesy, Awareness, Responsibility, Empathy and Service (CARES) Wellbeing is a significant aspect in all that we do and Junior School students are provided with wellbeing support through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.  The program provides a Chaplain to help students build resilience and cope more effectively with personal or study related issues.

Belair train station is conveniently located immediately behind the Junior School Campus providing safe and easy access to and from surrounding suburbs including Blackwood, Coromandel Valley, Eden Hills, Lynton, Mitcham and beyond. The School is also serviced by a School bus that runs between Aberfoyle Park and Belair and shuttles between the Junior and Secondary Campuses.

To learn more about the exciting learning opportunities and unique programs available at our Junior School please join us on a Junior School Tour or contact our Registrar, Tim Wilson on 8278 0210.







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