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St John's Grammar School Master Plan


We are delighted to share with our School Community that we have secured all of the approvals needed to begin our exciting building and grounds projects across the School which will take place across the next couple of years.


Building Master Plan

All of our master plan projects have been strategically developed to enhance the schooling and learning experience for our young people. The facilities will enable our staff to add even more clout to their work, more-so to the impact they have. Our projects include:

Technology & Enterprise Precinct

The existing Design and Technology Centre will be completely renovated and expanded with new learning areas.

Visual Art & Design Precinct

Two new art studios will be constructed to replace the existing classrooms and the gallery will be completely renovated.

Year 5 Learning Precinct

A new learning hub, with new enlarged and connected classrooms, collaboration pods and staff work zones.

Education Centre

A new centre to house a new library space, serve as a one-stop-shop for all things under the banner of student services, and main gateway entrance to the campus for our community.

Additional Future Projects

Includes Year 3 & 4 Classroom refurbishment, a Year 6 General Learning Space, a extension of the Junior School Performing Arts facilities and a grounds and landscaping plan.

Projects Completed & Underway

Includes new fire tanks, a Kitchen/Tuckshop at the Junior School and WellNest Consulting Rooms for our professional partners.

The School is pleased to announce that Tandem Building Group has been appointed to construct both the Visual Art and Design Precinct and the Technology and Enterprise Precinct at the Secondary Campus.

Technology & Enterprise Precinct

The existing Design and Technology Centre will be renovated and expanded to incorporate workshops for wood working, plastics and metal. There will also be designated learning spaces for more contemporary high-tech equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters and VR equipment, an enterprise workshop and an improved digital technology space.

Visual Arts & Design Precinct

Two new art studios will be built and the spaces on the southern side of Retreat House will incorporate dedicated areas for ceramics and print making, as well as an expanded Year 12 studio. 

The White Chapel Gallery gets refurbished and there are indoor/outdoor gallery zones and garden areas that will be exciting additions to the creativity complex.

Education Centre

The School also has received planning approval for the construction of the new Education Centre on the Secondary Campus.

This will be a first-class learning facility for students, architecturally designed to capture exceptional and personalised learning.

The Centre will include a new library space, and will also serve as a one-stop-shop for all things under the banner of student services, as well as becoming the main gateway entrance to the campus for our community. Staff facilities will be relocated to the Centre and include flexible, agile work areas, collaboration rooms, a conference theatre and other work zones.

We will now work through a delivery model for the building works, continue to refine our planning by working with staff and students and ensure that we remain in a very strong position to be able to begin construction of this project in September.

Year 5 Learning Precinct

Ward Constructions have been engaged to redevelop the Year 5 classrooms to create a new learning hub, complete with new enlarged and connected classrooms, collaboration pods and staff work zones. The grounds between the hub and the new Science Lab will also be landscaped to allow for further outdoor learning.

The School has relished being able to work closely with leading education architectural firms, Design Inc and Walter Brooke on these first main projects and along with our new Building partners will continue to refine final fit outs by continuing to work closely with staff and students at the school.

It is expected that these three projects will be completed by the end of Term 3 this year.

I speak on behalf of the team when I declare that we are all very excited about our new builds, not so much about having bright, shiny new environments but what these developments allow us to achieve inside them. We aspire to be innovative, creative, progressive and collaborative and the planning and design really captures that mission.

  • Richard Anderson, Principal

Additional Works

Underway & Completed Projects

New Fire Tanks

New fire tank works have progressed well and they are expected to be installed by the end of May 2022.

Junior School Kitchen/Tuckshop

The new Kitchen/Tuckshop has been completed in the Junior School and all lunches for our Reception to Year 6 students will now be prepared and delivered via this new facility.

WellNest Consulting Rooms

The WellNest Consulting rooms and walkways have been given their final touches and we welcome our first professional Partners Dave Scholz (Psychology) and Kay Bosworth (Learning Support) who have been delighted with the high number of bookings already received.

Future Projects

Year 3 & 4 Classrooms

Later in 2022, the Year 3 and 4 Classrooms will be refurbished.

Year 6 General Learning Space

The new Year 6 General Learning Space will be constructed adjacent to the Centre For Creativity at the Junior Campus.

Performing Arts Extension

Walter Brooke continue to develop the Performing Arts Extension of the Railway Cottages and surrounding learning areas..

Grounds & Landscaping Plan

A full grounds and landscaping plan is being developed for the Junior Campus. This major project is scheduled to begin in 2023.

Early Learning Centre

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