Instrumental Music Tuition

Instrumental music tuition is available to students at both the Junior and Secondary Campuses, with students having the opportunity to study a range of musical instruments and take part in a number of different choirs and ensembles.

Instrumental lessons are held each week during Term, and are $37 per 30 minute lesson. Students studying Year 12 Solo Performance are encouraged to undertake hour-long weekly lessons.

Lessons are scheduled on a rotating basis so that students do not miss the same subject lesson each week, and generally take place during school hours, however special arrangements may be made for before or after school lessons where convenient for the tutor. In some cases it may be possible for the student to have his or her lesson during their classroom music time.

If you have any questions or require any further information on any aspect of the Instrumental Music Program, please contact or phone 8278 0212.

Complete the below form to commence, continue or discontinue instrumental music tuition

Note: If your child is transitioning from the School’s Junior Campus to the Secondary Campus (ie from Year 6 to Year 7) and would like to continue their existing studies, please select the ‘Continue instrumental music tuition’ option.

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