Category: Middle School

Awards Night

By Tracey Wilson,

  Tomorrow morning students and parents will receive notification as to whether they are a recipient of an award to be presented at Awards night. Awards night is an important event in the school calendar. It is compulsory for award winners to attend this event. Students are required to wear their full summer uniform with  … Read more

What is my purpose? What do I have to give?

By Amanda Bertschinger,

These are two big questions our Year 9 students explore during Term 4, as part of the final stages of their Rite Journey year. On the weekend, our Year 9s participated in Relay For Life in Belair National Park, raising awareness and money for the work of the Cancer Council. This event provides such an  … Read more


By Amanda Bertschinger,

As this newsletter is published, Year 9’s will be thinking ahead to final learnings, assessments and preparations for the end of year events – especially so to their ‘Casual’ – an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, have some fun and celebrate their Middle School journey together. Indeed, it has been a journey and with  … Read more

Bushfire Prevention

By Lucy Shelton,

South Australia Police are committed to preventing bushfires in our local area. Please view the fact sheets below and take action now to keep your property and our local area safe this summer. School Fire Prevention Home and Business Fire Prevention Rural Fire Prevention Please direct any queries to the Crime Prevention Office on 8207  … Read more

Subs in Schools 2019

By Amanda Bertschinger,

The first week of September saw our young team of Year 8 Frequent Flyers participate in the 2019 REA Subs in Schools competition, having spent the majority of Terms 1 – 3 in preparation for this event. The competition requires teams of three to five students to design, build and operate a Remotely Operated Vehicle  … Read more

School Camp: Courage and Adventure Magnified

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Our Middle School camp experiences at St John’s provide unique outdoor education experiences, which give our students a chance to connect with nature, while also learning new skills. We have purposely created a sequence of outdoor education experiences that progressively add more physical, mental and emotional challenge, as they advance through the Middle School. Our  … Read more

Middle School Captains Shaping Culture

By Amanda Bertschinger,

I believe that a positive school culture paves the way for learning. Essentially, the culture of a school has a profound impact on student performance (and that of the teachers!). Walk into and through any school for the first time (as a student, parent, staff member or other visitor) – how would you want to  … Read more

’13 Reasons Why’ – Digital content

By Tracey Wilson,

  In the past two years, our school has provided information for both parent and student consideration, in regards to the viewing of particular digital content, specifically, the “13 Reasons Why” series. With the recent launch of Season 3 of  “13 Reasons Why”, we believe it is important that we again write to families to  … Read more

Sleep Research Study Survey

By Tracey Wilson,

  St John’s students are participating in a sleep research study from Flinders University, the survey will be held on Thursday 29 August, 8.30am to 9am. This will involve students in Year 7 – 11 and will occur in the Sports Centre during Home Group, the researchers need to be in attendance. Students will just  … Read more

Future Education 2030 – Professional Learning Day

By Amanda Bertschinger,

On Monday 22 July, all teaching staff on the Secondary Campus engaged in Professional Learning around the theme of ‘Future Education 2030 – Ignite the Spark’. Our partnership with Flinders University allowed us to host the Professional Learning at Flinders University, Tonsley Campus. Staff were asked to engage in research around future education skills through  … Read more