Category: Middle School

Year 9 Information Evening

By Tracey Wilson,

  Dear Year 9 Parents It is already time to start thinking about 2020! We begin the transition for our Year 9 students at the start of Semester 2. This ensures students are well prepared for the changes to come. These include subject changes, SACE, ATAR’s, VET and I am sure there are plenty of  … Read more

Open SSSSA Knock Out Basketball – Girls

By Amanda Bertschinger,

I am fortunate to have led girls’ basketball for the last 10 years at St John’s and in this time, we have had some great success, along with some disappointment too. However, I am a big believer that success should not simply be measured by the win/loss column but more importantly, by the qualities and  … Read more

The Hidden Power of Slowing Down – A letter to my Year 10 self

By Amanda Bertschinger,

I wrote an essay in Year 10, arguing passionately that essays should be banned. It was a fantastic essay. Surely time would be better spent doing things instead of writing about it, I reasoned. Writing was awkward and painful. I felt similarly about reading. I wanted to get busy making a difference in the world,  … Read more

Air Time

By Amanda Bertschinger,

It is interesting to note South Australia’s long and proud history of ‘frequent flyers’, starting with a man named Bill Wittber. As our Year 7 students recently discovered on a trip to our state’s Aviation Museum, Bill’s story is a remarkable account of South Australia’s pioneering frequent flyer, who accidentally became airborne in a Bleriot  … Read more


By Amanda Bertschinger,

All our students are on an adventure. Year 7s have been on one of significant learning and adaptation, as they have negotiated their first semester of Middle School. The contribution, life and energy they have added to our culture, considering how all this time they have been on a huge transitional journey from their primary  … Read more

School Uniform

By Amanda Bertschinger,

The St John’s Grammar School Uniform is a symbol of the School. It creates a sense of identity and belonging for our students. All students are required to wear the correct, full uniform with pride and parents are expected to support this policy. St John’s Grammar School maintains high standards of uniform and general appearance.  … Read more

Band Bonanza and Generations in Jazz

By Amanda Bertschinger,

In a flurry of activity at the end of Term 1, the bands of St John’s Grammar had an exceptional fortnight of musical rehearsal and performance. On April 4, Big Bands 1, 2 and 3, The Saxophone Ensemble and the year 7, 8 and 9 class bands all performed exceptionally well at the annual Band  … Read more

Supporting the Social and Emotional Needs of our Students in the Digital Era

By Amanda Bertschinger,

One of the biggest challenges to young people’s healthy wellbeing in today’s world is certainly the technological environment that they experience daily life in and navigating how to manage themselves and their interactions with others, online, in a safe and healthy manner. Technology isn’t going anywhere, nor should it. There are so many wonderful benefits  … Read more

Learning Philosophy

By Amanda Bertschinger,

St John’s is one of the few schools in South Australia (and possibly the nation) that teaches Philosophy as a standalone subject from Years 7 to Stage 2. We have a proud tradition of being able to do this for over 20 years and hope to continue well into the future. As young people begin  … Read more