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Christmas in the ELC!

By Lucy Shelton,

Christmas Activity Mornings Parents and caregivers are invited to attend a Christmas activity morning with their child in the week of 19 November. ELC3 Christmas Activities: Monday 19 to Friday 23, 8.45am – 10:00am ELC4 Christmas Activities: Monday 19 to Friday 23, 8.30am – 9:45am    

Routines from the Rectory team…

By Liz Day-Liebelt,

Welcome to Term 4 to all families of children commencing, or returning, to the Rectory Program. If you are a new family to St John’s Rectory Program this term, I know that you will love being a part of our exceptional St John’s community and that you’ll be made to feel most welcome in our  … Read more

Calm environments at St John’s Grammar ELC

By Liz Day-Liebelt,

The start of each new term, semester or school year is a great time to reassess and remind ourselves about how important it is to respect and value the children’s needs of a calm and quiet environment inside. Here at the ELC, we support and encourage a calm and quiet environment, where children have the  … Read more

Welcome to Term 4 in the 4-year-old room….

By Liz Day-Liebelt,

We have enjoyed a delightful and busy start to our term. Week 1 brought about some challenging weather, and as most of you know, we didn’t have power for Monday or Tuesday. The children managed really well, and it was actually an excellent way for us to have some interesting conversations about how reliant we  … Read more


By Liz Day-Liebelt,

The children in their early years (and beyond) at St John’s Grammar have many opportunities to embrace and understand changes occurring throughout their early education years. Throughout our day at the ELC children move from one activity to another. Sometimes a child will be making their own choices, at other times we impose these choices.  … Read more

Relationships and Routines

By Liz Day-Liebelt,

The commencement of Term 3 found St John’s Grammar staff attending Flinders University for professional development sessions with Tim Dansie. These sessions focused on developing effective programming and strategies that support individualised learning. A key tenet of the day connected the building of responsive and trusting relationships as central to supporting children’s development and learning.  … Read more