To ring in the start of Lent, our Chaplain Stacie organised a massive cook-up of pancakes across all three campuses on Shrove Tuesday, with almost 1000 of them devoured by our student body!
From plain cakes to choc-chip versions, with a mix of dietary options and a choice of toppings served, the hordes were well-fed… although we do apologise if your child came home covered in maple syrup (whoops!).

A number of parents and siblings joined in the early morning fun as pancakes were doled out at the ELC, before the cooking continued over at the Junior Campus during Recess, with our Year 6 leaders pitching in to help cook, maintain order, and clean up – top effort 👏
Hundreds of Secondary School students then gathered near our lush green Amphitheatre at Lunch, with the line for savoury treats stretching across the Year 7 precinct… and while the fare may have been familiar to many of us, it proved to be a new experience for many of our International students! #foodwithoutborders

Serving pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is a tradition based on using leftover food before Lent commences, with the feast a reminder to appreciate what we have ahead of the period of fasting and abstinence leading up to Easter. That it brings us all together in a united communal experience also contributes to it being such a special occasion at St John’s Grammar School, further strengthening the ties that bind us as Eagles.

We humbly send a big thank-you to the volunteers who came across from Holy Innocents Church to assist, bringing smiles to the faces of the children, as well as our many staff and students who gave their time to help in the huge multi-campus effort. We think Chaplain Stacie might have earned herself a good rest tonight!

You can see all the pictures from this event on Facebook, by clicking HERE.