St John’s Grammar is an Independent ELC – Year 12 school located in a picturesque bushland setting in the Adelaide foothills, yet less than 10km from Adelaide CBD. Our supportive, innovative and challenging learning environment is not limited to academic pursuit, but encourages and inspires creative thinking, a passion for learning, and essential life skills that enable our students to flourish in the community.

Children learn to soar at St John’s.


We strive to encourage and inspire creative thinking and a passion for life-long learning through authentic and reflective learning experiences and individually focused education, provided by passionate and dedicated, highly qualified staff.

Our supportive, innovative and challenging learning environment is one that is not limited to academic pursuit but nurtures personal interests and abilities.

An inclusive School community enables a sense of belonging and encourages participation, involvement and dedication, and a welcoming and picturesque setting provides unique, natural surroundings which enhance wellbeing.

From ELC through to Year 12, St John’s provides a nurturing, educational journey that develops the essential life skills, social capabilities, responsibilities and relationships that allow our students to reach their full individual potential and learn to soar in today’s world.


At St John’s, we recognise the importance of using 21st century teaching philosophies to complement traditional techniques in preparing students for future learning and current and emerging careers.

Through individual and collaborative learning experiences, personal strengths and interests are encouraged and developed.

We have a culture of positive achievement in which all students are expected to do their best and student success is celebrated. Academically, on the sporting field and in an extensive array of curricular and co-curricular pursuits such as debating, music, choral eisteddfods and drama productions, high standards are expected and most often achieved.

Enhancing class-based learning, we offer a wide range of authentic experiences such as overseas and interstate educational tours, and our supportive and nurturing pastoral care system develops the whole person, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Learning to Soar at St John’s

Students thrive in our caring environment and by the time they leave St John’s Grammar, they are confident, well educated, mature young adults ready to take on the challenges, and successes, of the next phase of their life.
The journey begins at our Early Learning Centre.

We flourish in Community

We build Resilience

We encourage Responsibility

We celebrate Achievement

We nurture Creativity

SOcial Learning

Authentic Learning

Reflective Learning

INdependent Learning

Generating Creative Learning