The White Chapel Art Gallery at the St John’s Grammar School Secondary Campus was home to ‘Sustain’ this month, featuring the graduating art pieces produced by the 17 members of our 2023 Year 12 Art Class.

With nearly a third of their grades resting in the pieces on display, the opening night saw the artists, fellow students, family members, and proud staff gather to celebrate the works.

Guest speakers Annelie Budgen and Anook Simpson (winners of last year’s Art Award for their work in 2022) talked about their experiences since leaving school, and visitors were not only able to view the diverse range of art, but also read the ‘prac statements’ showing the students’ creative work processes – which could be considered art in their own right.

From projected displays and etched poetry to photography, paintings, mixed media, sculptures, and more, each collection of work was unique and personal, with a theme of uplifting vulnerability present in many forms, yet backed by a confidence of presentation reflecting their learning environment… something to ‘sustain’ the soul in all of us.

You can view the full gallery of pictures from the ‘Sustain’ Opening Night on Facebook by clicking here.