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Year 12 Jumpers 2024

Our current Year 11 students have formed a ‘Jumper Committee’ for their Seniors Jumpers and have made the attached choices. With the assistance of Rembrandt Apparel, students will be fitted with sample jumpers to help with accurate sizing. This will take place at...

Year 12 Jumper 2023

As is customary and a privilege for their Senior Year, Year 12 students can purchase a Seniors Jumper to wear with the School Uniform, and a Seniors Rugby Top for sports uniform days. The purchase of these tops is optional. The students will receive their jumpers at...

Year 12 Seniors and Rugby Jumpers 2022

The fittings have now been completed for the Year 12 jumpers. If your child was unable to attend, students need to come to Tracey Wilson’s office in RH106 to try on a jumper for sizing. Please find details for the Year 12 Jumper for 2022 HERE. I have also...

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