In a very special part of their journey, a large contingent of our Year 12s returned in Term 4 to where their schooling journey began, with an emotional visit to their first nest at St John’s Grammar School – the Early Learning Centre on Sheoak Road.

The Senior Eagles suddenly found themselves taking part in different tasks – some were cornered to play dress-up, others were told to run (seemingly all afternoon!), the slide and the monkey bars had to be used, the sandpit got a great workout, and whole worlds of imagination were explained in overwhelming detail by the youngsters as the 12s realised how far their journey has taken them since their earliest years.

In between all the activity, a keen observer would have noted the quiet moments of reflection, the wistful remembrance of a shared life together, and the savouring of simple childhood pleasures – something to take with them as they prepare to fly beyond…

…and for the ELC class, being in the company of the ‘biggest’ kids was a chance to consider their own journey ahead, and all the possibilities they get to explore themselves.

From the nest to the limitless sky above, the life of an Eagle is one best shared – and that’s what today was all about. As you flip through these pictures, perhaps take a moment to pause and reflect on your own journeys… after all, we’re all in this together 🥹
To view the rest of the emotional pictures from this joyful (and rather cute!) gallery, click here to view the post on Facebook (it will make you smile!).