Dear Parents and Caregivers of Year 10 Students,


This year our Year 10 students are participating in two programs run by the Port Adelaide Football Club, ‘Power to End Violence Against Women’ & ‘Empowered’.These are primary prevention programs developed to raise awareness around the issue of violence against women and promote respectful relationships to young men and women across schools in South Australia.

The ‘Power to End Violence Against Women’ program provides male students in Year 10 the opportunity to discuss the issue of violence against women and explore respectful relationships.

‘Empowered’ is targeted to female students in Year 10, with a focus on promoting a positive sense of self and identity. The program provides an opportunity to discuss the key drivers of violence, such as rigid gender roles and stereotypes while exploring healthy and unhealthy relationships. In doing so, the program will not only empower young women, but build their capacity to understand and address the drivers of violence while providing access to resources for support.

The programs use the power of sport as a catalyst for social change, with a vision for young men and women to foster healthy attitudes to relationships and to change social conditions from which violence and unhealthy relationships may arise.

The programs are delivered by staff and players from the Port Adelaide Football Club and provide the information and skills necessary for young men and women to make informed choices to prevent violent behaviours in society.

In consultation with the Department for Education, the program complements the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum that is delivered in primary and secondary schools.

These sessions will be run at St John’s Grammar on the following dates:


Session 1: Friday 26 July (Wk1 – Term 3) Lesson 5 1:50pm

Session 2: Friday 2 August (Wk2- Term 3)  Lesson 6 2:40pm


If your require further information, or would like to withdraw your child from these sessions please contact Danielle Kemp (Leader of Wellbeing)


Kind regards

Danielle Kemp