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Encounter Youth Year 10-12 and Parent Sessions

Dear Parent/Caregivers,

On Wednesday 6 September students in Year 10-12 will participate in Encounter Youth presentations as part of the Wellbeing Wednesday Series. The specific sessions are as follows:

Year 10 Who’s Calling Your Shots?
The stats, the facts, the risks. This seminar provides the opportunity for young people to consider their own beliefs around drinking and compare these to young people Australia-wide.
Topics include:
-Brain development
-Trends in illicit drug use
-Realities of alcohol use

Year 11 Alert Not Alarmed
With a focus on safety when celebrating, this seminar looks at what makes someone more vulnerable and what responsibilities one can take charge of to keep themselves and their mates safe.
Topics include:
-Understanding vulnerability
-Safe relationships
-Alcohol & driving

Year 12 #Adulting
As Year 12s approach adulthood, we continue to encourage them to make great choices and look after themselves and their mates. This seminar discusses the transition to adulthood and all the new responsibilities that entails.
Topics include:
-Transitions to adulthood
-Social responsibility
-Alcohol and the law
-Party fights

Encounter Youth is the largest provider of alcohol & other drug education to South Australian secondary school students and their program is available across Australia. The research-based program incorporates up-to-date trends in young people and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum. They aim to educate students, parents and teachers with strategies that empower young people to look after themselves and their mates.

Please let us know via if you have any questions or would prefer your child does not attend these sessions.

To assist you in having conversations with your children we will be hosting a follow-up session for parents on Wednesday 6 September, 6:00-7:30pm at St John’s Grammar in the JBC. Please sign up here to confirm your attendance.

Kind regards

Danielle Kemp

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