Covering the spectrum of musical education we provide at St John’s Grammar School, from basic rhythm and breath work at the earliest stages through to improvisational solos from our senior instrumentalists, this month’s Band Bonanza at Edwardstown Baptist Church struck a chord with our community.


More than ‘just’ a performance, these events are educational experiences for those both on- and off-stage, with our tutors and music staff walking the audience through the methodologies taught, and the students gaining ‘real world event’ experience preparing them for future engagements that push their comfort zones.

Told as one step in a journey leading ever to new heights, the relaxed atmosphere allowed the students to confidently put themselves forward – even if this was their very first show, with less than a term of music lessons behind them!

For those for whom this was not ‘their first rodeo’, the evening held a more serious task – rising to meet the high standards they have already set for themselves, and this they did, with aplomb.

We congratulate all our students for their achievements on the night and tip our hat to all who helped bring the Bonanza together. You harmonise well!
You can see all the pictures from this event on Facebook, by clicking HERE.