Held in the final week of September, the St John’s Grammar School 2023 Cabaret was a resounding success, leaving the appreciative audiences talking about it long after the final curtain fell.



Over 120 students from across the Secondary year levels came together under the direction of a large team of staff and music tutors to stage a 25-song extravanganza that lifted the roof at the Norwood Concert Hall.



An outstanding part of the event was our final year music students who performed as soloists, with Karmen Tang’s rendition of ‘Winter’ from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons quoted by Principal Richard Anderson as “possibly the best performance the School has seen from one of our students”. We also heard comments from attending families regarding the exquisite nature of the solo vocalists.



However, none of those individual recognitions diminish the level of overall performance excellence displayed by the multiple performers, bands, orchestras and choirs on show, with a final combined performance of all the above highlighting the power and depth of the talent in our musical community.


Compered by ‘Moonrise’ student presenters Dhruv Rao and Kenya Styles, with video interludes dispersed throughout, the Cabaret flowed through 150 minutes of sheer entertainment.



A huge team production by our Performing Arts, Music, and Arts staff, with students also assisting in technical roles, this was the culmination of many months of hard work and organisation. Bravo!
This selection of pictures by Focus School Portraits gives just a taste of the showcase that was the ‘Song For All Seasons’ Cabaret.