Amid a week that included ‘Pancake Tuesday’, ‘Love Your Library Day’, the Year 9 Calling & Departure evening, and the Secondary Swimming Carnival, our Year 12s attended a three-day Retreat at Nunyara Conference Centre, preparing them for the challenges lying in wait this year.

A significant part of this process is the Year 12 Induction Ceremony, which played out in the glorious pre-twilight glow of Wednesday evening.

Preceded by a class dinner, the senior contingent joined their families for refreshments ahead of being individually presented with their official Year 12 Items of Seniority.

These accessories to the School uniform denote a rite of passage and include their personalised Class of 2024 jumpers, as well as Year 12 ties and scarves.

Then, with the formalities over (and parents sent home!), the class saw out the evening practicing the dance moves they will show off at the Year 12 Formal in a few weeks – a big night ahead of the hard work to come.
We congratulate all our Year 12s for their progress and prowess to date; with the whole School looking up to them, 2024 is theirs to claim 🙂
You can view all the pictures from this event on Facebook, by clicking HERE.
Photos by Focus Portrait Photography.