After the nervous excitement of Week 1, our students are confidently falling into the rhythm and pulse of school life, absorbing knowledge and experience as they continue their journey.

We sent our camera over to the Junior School during Week 2 for a sneaky look ‘behind the scenes’ in the classrooms and playgrounds, and – as you can see in this photo gallery – it doesn’t take a special event or occasion for the day to be a full one – there’s always something going on!

Science experiments, maths, art, play, music, reading to each other, and even just having lunch… the details matter 🙂

This may be just a tiny glimpse into the world of the R-6 classes, but it reminds us how fascinating and complex the world of Junior School can be… and it’s heartwarming to see the way they lift each other up as they go. What a place to soar!

To view the 70+ images our ‘fly on the wall’ captured across the year levels, click here to see the full gallery on our Facebook page.