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Hi Boys and Dads/Mentors,

We would like to host a breakfast on Friday 19 November, Week 6 for all the Y9 boys and their Dads/mentors.

8:00am Meet at the Ampitheatre and Deck behind Pargeter Building. 

  •             Share a breakfast with your Dad (or grandfather, uncle, family friend, mentor). Breakfast will be provided: bacon and egg rolls, juice, coffee, fruit, muffins.
  •             An opportunity for dads, male mentors to meet with other dads and mentors.
  •             After breakfast, there will be a simple walk around the campus, in your pair, having a chat about growing up, being a great man, living well (we will provide sample questions to discuss).

This connection is a worthy enough cause, but additionally we will be supporting the work of White Ribbon, with Friday 19 November being White Ribbon Day. White Ribbon work on the action men can take to end violence against women. It’s about how men, together can make the change. So, on the day, we are asking that you make a donation to the cause (cash) and each boy will receive a wristband and each adult a white ribbon. If you’d like to donate online beforehand, please follow this link:–s-grammar-school

Lastly, we are asking that you wear some white on the day – could be a hat, shirt, or go the full cricket whites!

Thank you in advance for supporting this cause.

Ben Clark and Brian Wicks.

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