Year 7 Camp – Student Reflection

By Amanda Bertschinger,

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In week 9 of Term 1, the Year 7 students went on their Wilderness Escape Camp. It was at Hindmarsh Island and included many outdoor activities that were mostly water based. Some of which included surfing, sailing, a kayak expedition and a raft building activity. We were all very impressed by the service of Wilderness Escape and the food that was served was great for an outdoor camp. We all enjoyed that almost every instructor was always cheerful and were joking around making the whole camp great. One thing that some people didn’t find so great was that group A’s kayak expedition didn’t go to plan because the cooking pots had been left at base camp and group A had to kayak all the way back! This shows that there can be unexpected changes to have to deal with!

Almost everyone’s favourite thing was surfing. They loved catching waves and the surfing instructors were really funny. We also did sailing and that was really fun too. The instructors taught us really well and Adam and Will got to jump in the river while we were sailing. Adam jumped in then when Will stood up to jump in, Stevo (the instructor) ‘helped’ him into the river!

Heaps of people said the food was amazing and dinner, breakfast and lunch times were always full of good vibes, laughs and jokes. We brought our own cutlery and plates, bowls and cups and we had a washing station to wash them down after.

The night activities were really fun like quiz night and charades but when it was time for bed, some people didn’t understand what “be quiet” meant so some of us were tired in the mornings!

Overall the camp was great and the students had a blast!

William Renfrey and Zachary Clayton

Year 7 Students