Year 5 History excursion

By Amanda Bertschinger,

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On Monday the 27 March, the Year 5’s went on a history excursion. Firstly, we went to the Old Gum Tree in Glenelg where we learnt that the first settlers had proclaimed the colony of South Australia there on the 28th of December 1836. We then ate our recess and hopped back on the bus to go to the Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide. When we arrived at the Maritime Museum, we split up into two class groups. My class group was going to the lighthouse first so we walked away from the Museum towards the lighthouse. We then waited there until the lady opened the door and said to go up the stairs of the lighthouse. The view from the top of the lighthouse was amazing and it was stunning to look through the binoculars. As we walked out of the lighthouse we were given a life jacket and told to walk to the boat.

We boarded the boat, which was called, Archie. Captain Keith and First Mate Dave started up the boat and as we left the jetty Dave started a report on the history of Archie and Port Adelaide. It was an amazing trip and we saw seven dolphins. One of them swam next to and under our boat. After we finished the boat ride we were whisked straight into the Maritime Museum. We went straight up some stairs where we sat down and were given a talk about the ships. We then went into boat dorms from 1960 and 1940. We then went into the dorms from the early settlers who were brought to Australia in 1836; they were terrible and so were the ones from 1940 but the ones from 1960 were more comfortable. We then went onto a replica of an old trading boat and into its cabin and hold below deck. After that, we had lunch and climbed back on the bus to go to Montefiore Hill and Colonel Light’s statue. It was an amazing and exciting experience and I think everyone will agree with me.

By Zoe.