Year 12 Start of the Year Information

By Tracey Wilson,

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Welcome to Year 12!

The Year 12 Retreat will be held on Wednesday 12 February to Friday 14 February and is filled with a range of learning and wellbeing activities and presentations. These opportunities are designed to ensure that students are best prepared for the demands of the year ahead.


During the Retreat, students will be given some time to reflect on what lies ahead and to consider what the year might mean to their families.

To begin this reflection, we would like to give each student a letter written by you to them – a letter that reminds them of the wonderful support that they can expect from their parents and siblings and one that might give each student that inspirational lift.

It is a letter of affirmation, one that encourages your child to give their best, to make sensible, responsible choices with their study and to persist and be resilient in what looms as a very demanding year.


This is not the easiest letter to write but it can be a form of inspiration that students refer to repeatedly throughout the year.

I ask that you do not discuss the letter with your son or daughter. We would like to surprise them during Retreat with the forwarding of all letters.

The letters should be between one and two pages in length and we prefer you to email the letter to us to guarantee that all students them on this day. You can email the letters to Tracey Wilson (

They are confidential documents and will only be read by your child. If you would prefer to deliver them in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on it, this can be delivered to Retreat House Reception. I ask that you complete this task by Friday 7 February.


In anticipation, thank you for your contribution in making this activity a successful and meaningful one. If you have any concerns, you can contact either Tracey or myself at any time.


Yours sincerely

Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School