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Dear Year 12 students and families,

The SACE Board have confirmed that end of year results will be available for students on Monday 13 December 2021 from 8.30am.

On results release day, the homepage of the SACE website will direct students to check their results. Prior to that, students need to make sure that they can log in to Students Online (and that your personal details are correct). Students will not be able to access Year 12 results unless they have completed activation.

What to do now: log in to Students Online to check that you have activated your Students Online account. For privacy reasons the SACE Board cannot contact you directly to ensure you have done this; activation must be done by the student themselves.

Advice and instructions regarding the activation process is available here:

Note that there is advice about a PIN on this page. Your PIN is the first four digits of your date of birth in the format DDMM (eg 1 July = 0107).

As always, if you are experiencing problems with this we are here to help; please contact me, Mrs Harwood, Ms Castine or your Head of House if you need assistance with activating your account.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Raimondo
Leader of Learning & Curriculum

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