Year 11 students who will sit the SACE Stage 2 Examination

By Tracey Wilson,

  Filed under: Senior School

Please find details for our Year 11 students who are studying a SACE Stage 2 (Year 12) subject and will sit the SACE examination in November.

The School’s examination room is again in St Barnabas’ Chapel on the Secondary Campus. This venue is the same as for the Year 12, 2018 School mid-year examinations.

Examinations for St John’s Grammar School students commence on Monday 5 November and conclude on Tuesday 20 November. Students should be at the exam room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled commencement of their examination. The SACE Board Policy states that students will be allowed into the room ten minutes before the time fixed for the examination to begin. School policy is that no students may leave the examination until the completion of the allocated time for that exam.

If there are any emergencies or sickness on the day of the exam or sickness whilst sitting an exam, the student must see Mr Ramon Bartholomeusz (SACE Coordinator) on the same day of the exam, not a day or more later, and must obtain a letter, not a medical certificate, from a doctor. If a student is sick 2-3 days prior to the exam, they must inform Mr Bartholomeusz.

Students may wear either their summer uniform or PE uniform to sit the exam. Mobile phones must be turned off at all times and left in bags. ‘Smart watches’ are not to be worn. Answering a phone call or message during the exam is in breach of SACE Board rules and a student could receive a zero for the exam. Water filled drink bottles and soft, quiet snacks are permitted during the exam.

All Year 11 students are required to attend regular lessons outside of their examination time, except they may take the day before their exam as a study day. Please notify Claire Pickering at reception if your child will be absent prior to the exam.


A schedule of the exam for SACE Stage 2 subjects is attached