Year 10 Work Experience 2020

By Tracey Wilson,

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Five days of Work Experience is part of the Personal Learning Plan (PLP), a compulsory Stage 1 SACE subject, undertaken by all Year 10 students at St John’s Grammar School.


Work Experience should be viewed as an educational/learning experience that is conducted in another environment, the workplace.

Whether your son/daughter intends to seek employment or undertake further education or training on completion of his/her secondary schooling, work experience is invaluable in the preparation for the eventual post school transition.

The school recognises the value of this experience and therefore requires all Year 10 students to participate in the program.


Organisation of the actual placement is the responsibility of the student. This means that your son/daughter is required to contact the employer and arrange to spend the four days in a work experience placement.


Work Experience for your child will be from Monday 25 May to Friday 29 May 2020, Week 5 of Term 2. It is most important that the Work Experience placement is organised as soon as possible.

Please give this placement considerable urgency and begin or continue conversations with your child about possible future career pathways and industries they might like to explore during work experience.


During the semester, students will participate in a mock job interview appointment, which they will have prepared for in their PLP classes. These interviews will have a formal tone and will be conducted by members of industry and the local community.

If any parents would like to be involved in the interview process, please email me at to express your interest.


Please note that Mrs Tracey Wilson (8278 0224) manages the administrative side of the Work Experience placement and is a very helpful contact should I (or your child’s PLP teacher) be unavailable.


Booklets for students, parents/caregivers and the workplace provider are available on the new St John’s Careers website, Future Career Pathways: You will find the documentation needed from the Workplace Learning tab under Required Documents.

Your child should provide the workplace with the relevant booklet when getting the Workplace Learning Agreement Form and Work Health and Safety Checklist signed.

The Workplace Learning Agreement form needs to be completed and signed by student, employer and then the parent/caregiver by Friday 3 April, Week 10, Term 1. The Work Health & Safety checklist will also need to be completed by the employer and returned at this time.


Thank you in anticipation of your support with this meaningful and beneficial experience.


Careers Counsellor/Work experience Coordinator