Year 10 Explore and Soar 2020

By Tracey Wilson,

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In Term 3, 17 to 21 August 2020 Year 10 students will be involved in a 5 day camp called Explore and Soar.


These experiences are designed to provide students with a range of choices to appeal to different interests.

To enable us to book in these trips, we need families to commit to a trip this year, this allows us to book flights and confirm numbers.

All trips are an additional cost to families, so please be aware of the cost of the specific trip that your child is attending.

All camps have limited student numbers, so changing your mind later may not be possible.


Please take some time to look through the following camps with your son/daughter, we ask that you select your preferred camp via the link below.


All students are expected to select an Explore and Soar camp.

Prices are approximate as numbers will need to be confirmed to lock in final costs, but we hope to keep them as close as possible.


The APY Lands trip is also included in the Explore and Soar program, information has already been sent to interested students and final details will be forwarded to those students shortly.


Any questions, please contact either Leonie Harwood or Tracey Wilson.


Thank You


Horse Muster

Kangaroo Island Adventure

Social Justice

Sydney Arts Tour

PADI Open Water Diver Course