Year 10 Exams

By Lucy Shelton,

  Filed under: Senior School, Year 10

Dear Parents,

In Week 7, Year 10 students will undertake exams. Students have been emailed a Revision Guide and have been made aware of the Exam Schedule. The Revision Guide is organised by subject and contains a comprehensive overview of the topics/content for each subject with an examination. Students have also been given the following information in relation to the Revision Guide:

  • The guide contains revision materials for all Year 10 subjects with an examination (including relevant SACE Stage 1 subjects). You need to identify which pages/sections are relevant to the subjects you have studied this semester – not all of them will be relevant to you!
  • Start by familiarising yourself with the topic list and course content outlined in each guide. Then objectively highlight which content you are confident/familiar with, and which you need to focus on.
  • You can then use this guide to help you plan your revision over the coming weeks. You can speak with your teachers, Home Group teacher or Head of House if you need assistance with this.

We hope the Revision Guide is useful to students and wish them all the best with their revision over the coming weeks.

Yours Sincerely,

Nick Raimondo
Leader of Learning & Curriculum