Welcome back to Term 4

By Amanda Bertschinger,

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Welcome back to the final term of the year. Term 4 is always an enjoyable term as the relationships and routines within the class are firmly entrenched and so much progress from the start of Term 1 is visible. Also there are so many special events that occur that add to the enjoyment of the term – Bike Hikes, Choral services, Pageants and Christmas Services and more to look forward to.


On Friday 13 October, St John’s Grammar Junior School held a STEAM day. The day was a great success and this year we had students from Reception to Year 6 attending. There were 63 students that attended the day and participated in a range of activities.

The Reception to Year 2 students engaged in four different activities. These included; Robotics where students programmed Edison Bots, Kitchen Chemistry and Microscopy where students conducted experiments, tested ph levels, looked at plants and insects at a microscopic level, and planted some seeds, Artology where students designed and made their own hover crafts and explored Belair National Park at a microscopic level with the use of a 60x microscope and the Surface Pro’s.

The Year 3- 6 students used gaming software to design their own gaming setting, programmed Edison Bots, made animations using a technique called pixilation and solved a murder mystery using their knowledge of chemicals and their properties.

We would like to thank all of the presenters for their work in organising the workshops and facilitating sessions. I would particularly like to thank The Academy of Interactive Education, GooRoo Animation and Jonathon Kaesler, their knowledge of technology in the areas of gaming, animation and robotics is exemplary. I would also like to thank Mr Richard Dall our Art teacher. The R-2 students loved making hover crafts and were all able to take home their master pieces. A special thanks should also go to Dr Helen Collins. Helen is linked to the school through the CSIRO Scientists In Schools Program, she is also a current parent and has on many occasions conducted science sessions and experiments with our students. We are truly grateful for her efforts in preparing and facilitating the Kitchen Chemistry and Microscopy and the Murder Mystery sessions. She was assisted by a team of four Year 7 students that helped facilitate. We thank Jamie Hyde, Daniel Nedomansky, Christopher Lieberenz and Grace Angley for their support on the day. I would also like to thank all the staff that assisted to help make the day possible. We look forward to planning the next STEAM day for 2018.

Year 5 Camp

In the last week of term, the Year 5 students went on Camp to Ballarat and Bendigo where they consolidated their knowledge of the work they had been doing in History regarding the Gold Rush, an event that played a large role in shaping modern Australia.

The Camp was enjoyed by all and is a highlight of Year 5 so we would like to thank the staff that attended the camp and made the event possible. The staff that attended were Mr Michael Fowler, Ms Sophie Teunissen, Ms Bronwyn Sharpe and Mr Frank Ali.

New Students

We welcome several new students to both the Junior School and our Early Learning Centre. I am sure our community will make them feel welcome and they will soon feel at home at St John’s Grammar.

Early Learning Centre

  • Henry Bennett
  • Elsie Cornish
  • George Ikali
  • Willow Kirkby
  • Charlie Norman
  • Jinhua Shangguan
  • Yinhua Shangguan

Junior School

  • Rachael Slay – Year 2
  • Aaron Slay – Year 3

Class Placement Policy  

When placing children in classes, teachers spend quite a deal of time working out what they see as the best possible mix. They, therefore, are the best people to make these informed judgments. The first and most important criterion used to decide the makeup of a class is based on the educational needs of the children. Class teachers in consultation with the Learning Support, ELC, Junior Primary and Primary Coordinators, will best determine the appropriate settings. Emotional needs, gender balance and behavioural considerations will be taken in to account. Friendships will not be the major consideration in setting classes but will be considered. If you believe you have any extenuating circumstances why a child should be in a particular setting then it is imperative you email me or arrange for an interview. Please do not request a particularly teacher as we are confident that all are teachers are excellent and they have yet to be allocated year levels. It should be clear too that once classes are set they will remain that way for the year. I thank you in advance for your understanding and the confidence you place in our staff and processes.

Enjoy this short but action-packed term!

Nicholas Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School