Middle and Senior School Co-Curricular

As society’s interaction with knowledge evolves, so too have the pedagogies our teachers utilise and the learning events provided. Our students are given opportunities to explore, analyse and create in addition to traditional academic methods of memorisation and repetition of foundational skills. Some of the many activities available include sports, music, the performing arts, debating and Pedal Prix.

During the Middle School years, students also have the opportunity to participate in international tours, including ‘The Journey’ to Vietnam and a cultural language tour to Japan. In addition to the use of technology, our students are exposed to 21st Century learning experiences, including the Ctrl+Alt+Design challenge in Year 8.

Sports, community service, performing arts and intellectual skills; the co-curricular activities at St John’s Grammar cover the whole spectrum. Students can select from a broad range of sporting activities, a specialist music program, and extensive arts programs including band, orchestra, drama and dance. Pedal Prix, triathlons, ski trips and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme are also among the offerings. House activities include debating, chess, public speaking and inter-House sports. Student-led clubs are also popular, and if a student interest is not catered for, students are supported by Home Group teachers to set up something new.

Our co-curricular program is a part of our commitment to developing the wider skill base and learning of our students, widening their perspective and encouraging teamwork, confidence, positive personal interests, initiative and leadership. A co-curricular activity furthermore enables students to make new friends, travel to or host intra-school activities and get to know staff better through more casual interaction outside the academic environment.


Students at St John’s Grammar have a very high level of participation in a range of sporting endeavours.

In recent years the School has made a name for itself in the Schools’ triathlon, female Football and in fencing, and great successes have also been achieved in netball, soccer and tennis.

A full range of traditional sports is on offer and the participation rate of students across the School is approximately 85%.

Students are able to participate in the following sporting endeavours:

Athletics                          Badminton                Basketball

Circuit & weights           Cricket                        Cycling

Football                           Fencing                       Hockey

Netball                             Pedal Prix                   Running

Sailing                             Soccer                          Softball

Squash                            Swimming                  Table Tennis

Tennis                            Triathlon                      Volleyball

Performing Arts

St John’s Grammar produces a musical open to all students in Years 7 – 12 every second year. As a Drama-led collaboration between several departments within the School, it provides many students an opportunity to participate behind the scenes of a production whether or not they have on-stage aspirations.

Technology, Art and Music Department students and staff are involved with set design and building, costume and program design, front of house and publicity. There is an audition process for actors, and an interview process for backstage roles.

These are always very exciting projects as students develop confidence and skills in all aspects of theatre. They learn about the self-discipline, teamwork, commitment and thrill involved in performing to the public. St John’s Grammar productions are performed in a professional theatre, and are received positively by both the School community and media.

The School production for 2018 was the Broadway favourite, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.


St John’s Grammar School provides opportunities for students to take part in a variety of different ensembles including specific vocal, string, woodwind and mixed instrumental ensembles, which are conducted and managed by specialist teachers. Each year, choirs and bands travel to Mount Gambier for Generations in Jazz, which the School has been highly successful in, winning a number of titles and awards. Students also participate in a School Cabaret, held every second year in the Norwood Town Hall.


St John’s Grammar School has a rich tradition of choral music on both campuses and in the wider community. Choirs are offered as extra curricular activities and rehearsals are usually run at lunchtime.

The choirs perform at a range of different events including Assemblies, ‘Choirs in Concert’, the School Cabaret every second year and Musicals, as well as in the community at various high-profile events.

Secondary Campus choirs include Senior Vocal (auditioned), SATB Ensemble (auditioned), Secondary School Choir, Year 8/9 Choir and A Capella Fellas.

Band and Ensembles

St John’s Grammar School offers an extensive range of bands and ensembles throughout both the Junior and Secondary campuses.

Bands and ensembles are offered as co-curricular activities and rehearsals are run each week at lunchtimes and before and after school.

There are various ensembles and bands that students can join that suit their level of ability, their desire to perform, or their choice of instrument.

The Secondary Campus offers Big Band 1 (auditioned), 2 (auditioned) and 3, Chamber Orchestra, Flute Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble. These Bands and Ensembles perform at special School events, Assemblies, the School Cabaret every second year, and in the community at various events.

The St John’s Grammar Ensembles have built an excellent reputation for their confident and competent performances and the recent large growth in interest, numbers and performance standard has been extremely exciting for the School.