Year 12 Results 2017

Dear Parents and Friends of St John’s Grammar School

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the St John’s Grammar School SACE results and achievements for 2017.

Our Year 12 students have achieved exceptionally well. 20% of the cohort achieved an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Academic Ranking) of 95 or more and 35% achieved an ATAR of 90 or more. In addition, the results of the remainder of the cohort are pleasing and in some cases higher than they dared to dream.

We are very proud of our graduating students. They have worked well throughout the year, supporting each other fully and they have been fine leaders of our School. They have mentored younger students and been fully involved in the extensive extra-curricular programs of the School. They have developed a wide range of personal and interpersonal skills, learned about their own strengths and have the potential to be outstanding leaders in our community.

Of all Stage 1 results, 47.75% were As compared with the State achievement of 25.39%, and 34.23% of results were Bs compared to the State achievement of 34.45%. In summary, 81.98% of all Stage 1 results were As and Bs. This is an outstanding achievement, particularly considering that numbers of Year 10 students study Stage 1 or Year 11 subjects as part of their Year 10 studies and these results are included. It is a usual pattern that numbers of students study above their Year level at St John’s Grammar School.

The staff of St John’s Grammar School congratulates the class of 2017 and wish them well for the future.

Yours sincerely

Richard Anderson


School Dux

Our Dux this year is Stuart Henshall, who achieved four Merits for his studies in Chemistry, English Literary Studies, Physics and Modern History.

Stuart has always been an exemplary student. In 2016, during Year 11, he completed the Research Project, Stage 2 Biology and Stage 2 Mathematical Methods achieving an A and two A- grades.

Stuart also received a Governor of South Australia Commendation — Excellence Award for his fantastic effort, one of only 28 in the State.




Merit Winners

In total, 11 merits were achieved by nine students;

Stuart Henshall (Chemistry, English Literary Studies, Physics and Modern History)

Amy Booth (Biology)

Elise Clements (Visual Arts – Art)

Jessica Gower (Research Project B)

Gregory Howlett (Chemistry)

Lewis Lock-Weir (Research Project B)

Mitchell Maros (Research Project B)

Hannah Morgan (English)


Students who achieved an ATAR of 90+

Stuart Henshall             99.80

Gregory Howlett           99.40

Amy Booth                     98.70

Amelia Johnson            98.70

Ruby Leigh                     98.05

Thomas Scroop             97.85

Matthew Voss                97.50

Paige Johnstone            96.85

Matilda Hilton               96.65

Hannah Morgan            96.45

Craig Atkinson               96.20

Jessica Gower                 95.95

Aaron Thomas                95.80

Bailey Hornabrook        95.70

Rachel Greenwell           95.50




Thomas Papaemmanouil          95.50

Thomas Murphy                         95.00

Duncan Spencer                         94.80

Ashley Stratford                         94.75

Hugh Matthews                          94.30

Millie Hopton                              94.10

Elizabeth Hayes                          94.10

Elise Clements                             93.45

Morgan Russell                           93.20

Georgia Lovelock                        92.85

Alice Warren                               92.65

Zoe Kleinig                                  91.85

Grace Tonkin                              91.40

Zoe Jeffries                                 91.15

Louis Nye                                    90.90

Destinations of the Class of 2016

Eighty-five St John’s Grammar School students completed Year 12 in 2016 and of these, 79 students made applications through SATAC for university places in South Australia.  Students also applied internationally, interstate, and directly to TAFE. Seventy-three students received course offers in SA, with the majority of students receiving offers for their first choices. Others, particularly the International students, are studying interstate. Many students are taking double, combined or Honours degrees.

Those who did not apply for tertiary programs are working, have gained apprenticeships and traineeships, or are taking a gap year, with the intention of applying for courses for 2018. Many of the students who did apply and received offers are also taking a gap year, working and/or travelling before starting their deferred courses.

The most popular courses were Health Science/Medical Science/Medicine (seven students), Engineering (six students, including four who are studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Business and Commerce (six students), Arts (five students), Education (five students), Nursing and Midwifery (five student) and Science (four students). In total, 43 different courses have been offered to our students in SA, with 44 students offered places at Flinders University, 19 at University of Adelaide, 10 at University of South Australia and others at TAFE (outside the SATAC application process).

It is always exciting when our students undertake courses that are “firsts” for St John’s. This year we have our first student taking a Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience), a student doing Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) and three students who are taking Bachelor of Creative Arts courses at Flinders (in Fashion, Digital Media and Screen). St John’s will make a significant impact on Speech Pathology at Flinders as we have three students who have been successful in their applications to study this degree.

Some of our former students will not accept places in Adelaide but will study interstate – one student has commenced Medicine in WA and another won an Excellence Scholarship at Bond University where she will take a Bachelor of Film and Television degree. Another student will study at ICHM (International College of Hotel Management), taking a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of International Hotel Management from the prestigious Swiss Hotel Association.

The Year 12 students of 2016 are to be congratulated on the receipt of such a fine range of tertiary offers. We wish them well in fulfilling their dreams.

Wendy Edwards
Careers Counsellor

2016 School Performance Report

As part of our funding agreement with the Commonwealth Government, we are required to ensure that certain “School Performance Information” is made available to the School community. The information relates to the 2016 school year.

School Performance Information Report – for 2016