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Our programs in the Middle School greatly enrich students’ learning and help students to successfully transition from Primary, to Middle, and eventually to Senior School. Because all aspects of adolescents’ lives are changing, it is essential that we offer a safe, stimulating and rewarding environment. The 7 – 9 curriculum allows students to consolidate and build skills in their core subjects, while also providing an excellent range of elective choices.

Year 7

Our Year 7 program is designed to foster students’ strengths and introduce them to new, exciting areas of learning. Students experience all core and many of the elective subjects that the School has to offer. Our students will be able to determine where their interests lie and begin considering their study pathways for elective subjects in the years ahead.

Year 8

In Years 8, students build upon the knowledge and understanding they developed in Year 7. A broader choice of elective subjects allows students to experiment with, and begin to specialise in, certain subject areas. Students continue to develop their skills in Languages, studying a full year of Indonesian or Japanese.

Year 9

Year 9 – the final year of Middle School – is an important, action-packed 12 months at St John’s Grammar School. The core subjects allow students to develop comprehensive skills and knowledge in English, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education and Humanities. Students choose four semesters of elective subjects and undertake The Rite Journey; a highly rewarding course that leads to the Year 9 camp in the Flinders Ranges.

Early Learning Centre

33 Sheoak Road, Belair
+61 8 8278 2242

Junior Campus (R to Year 6)

42 Sheoak Road, Belair
+61 8 8278 2242

Secondary Campus (Years 7 to 12)

29 Gloucester Avenue, Belair
+61 8 8278 2233

Enrolment Enquiries and Tours
+61 8 8278 0210