1:World Surface Pro Bundles and Pricing

All students in Years 6-12 are required to have their own Microsoft Surface Pro as part of the School’s 1: World Program.

How to order

The School’s ordering portal through our preferred supplier will open on Monday 18 September and close on Monday 2 October. We will advise further details when the portal is open. It is important to observe the closing date for orders to ensure that delivery can occur before the end of the School Year.

While it is not compulsory to purchase through our supplier, there are advantages in doing so. If the Surface Pro is purchased through the School’s portal, pricing is very competitive, and you can get access to Microsoft’s Complete for Student Warranty  (ADP) which is not available to retail customers. The Surface Pro, if purchased through the School’s supplier, will come pre-imaged with all the School’s software.

The Microsoft Complete for Student Warranty – ADP w/ $99 Excess 3 Year enables the Surface Pro to have 2 screen repairs for $99 excess, each screen repair is approximately $880 retail.

Please read the following important information carefully:

  1. The Complete for Student Warranty – ADP is not mandatory as per the ACCC guidelines on extended warranties. However, if you choose not to take out the Complete for Student Warranty – ADP, warrantable repairs will need to be done directly with Microsoft after the 1 year statutory warranty.
  2. If the Complete for Student Warranty – ADP (accidental damage cover) is not taken up, it is imperative that parents investigate their own Home & Contents insurance to ensure that the device is covered for accidental damage while at school.
  3. The CoreM model of the Surface Pro (Option 1) is more power efficient and has a longer battery life, the trade off is that it is less powerful. So applications such as Photoshop will still work, they will just be slower. The Surface Pro CoreM unit will be adequate for school use, but it will not play games or 3D graphics very well.
  4. Students who specialise in graphic design and Autocad/Inventor should go with Option 2 or Option 3 for the Surface Pro.

Please read the bundles carefully as there are three Surface Pro options,  as well as a number of options. Whilst optional, it is recommended that the Complete for Student Warranty (ADP) is purchased.

All the accessories listed on Page 2 are optional accessories.

If you have any questions, please email Dustin Fisher, Infrastructure Manager, at dfisher@stjohns.sa.edu.au.

Chosen Device – Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro is our choice of device for the following reasons:

  • It is light and portable
  • It is a single device which meets all the needs of a student
  • It has easy input from keyboard, stylus, camera (front and back) and voice
  • The stylus is refined and pen-like
  • It interfaces with emerging phone technologies
  • It allows for the differing benefits offered by both slates and PCs

This type of device has far more pedagogical potential than a Smartphone, an Apps-only Slate, or a laptop, allowing us to provide richer learning experiences for our students. Windows Slate PCs allow for the creation of new tasks that were previously inconceivable and provide our students with the full range of resources they require to access and meet the School’s curriculum.

Windows Slate PCs support the development of our School-wide SOARING pedagogy as they assist in:

  • Moving from individual to more collaborative work
  • Moving from textbook exercises to real world exercises
  • Allowing multimedia presentations
  • Increasing interaction in web resources
  • Developing diagnostic assessment

The School’s IT Services are currently unable to effectively support any non-Surface Pro devices, nor other platforms such as Macintosh, due to the requirements for imaging and software. More importantly for our students, not all learning experiences will be able to be accessed by a standard laptop.

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