Students as leaders

By Amanda Bertschinger,

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Leading with or without the badge and living beyond yourself are dispositions that are integral to each student’s development in the middle years here at St John’s Grammar. These are consistently reinforced and supported. Over time, the culture of making the most of opportunities (and indeed creating them) to lead the agency the students have to shape their school experiences, is growing!

Moreover, soon we welcome new students who will begin with us next year in the Middle School over two Orientation Days. These are always very successful, with much positive feedback coming back from the participants. Of particular note in the past has been the impression the current Year 7 and 8 students acting as Buddies make in welcoming the newies. The body language, conversation and time provided by our current students shows compassion and leadership – again without badges. This extends to the current Year 11s and the initiative they have demonstrated in their work with the current St John’s Grammar Year 6 students and the support, learning and fun they will provide on Orientation Day.

We do, of course, also provide opportunity for students to be formally elected by their peers for their leadership attributes then support them to grow in those roles. Consequently, following the election process, we held a lovely service this week to induct the new House Captains for the upcoming year. They pledged to work in a servant leadership style, living beyond themselves, to listen to, support and represent all students; to carry themselves as model students to others; to act with integrity in all that they do (in and out of the classroom); and to do all of this with the aim of developing our school and community for all students, current and future. These Captains have begun their roles with enthusiasm, reliability and emerging confidence. They are already wonderful models to others. The Middle School House Captains for 2017/18 are:

Gooch: Jake Kuchel, Will Jordans (VC), Tom Moodie (VC)

Halstead: Caitlin Hill, Lachlan McCulloch (VC), Jack Whitman (VC)

Moffatt: Lauren Mitchell, Olivia Quinn (VC), Sarah Tapper (VC)

Prince: Harriet White, Audrey Myers (VC), Olivia Manser (VC)

We thanked all the outgoing leaders for their service over the past year and indeed they will mentor the new leaders throughout this term as they transition into their new roles. I thank all students who have led for the betterment of all, who have worked to realise something they believe in, and encourage all students to look for ways to lead and serve as the year comes to a close and into next year – they can continue to play a critical role in shaping our wonderful Middle School culture.

Ben Clark
Head of Middle School