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I am excited to launch the new St John’s Grammar School Strategic Plan (2023-2027).

This five-year plan focusses on sustaining the strengths of our school as well as embracing new opportunities. It is progressive by design and aims to ensure our young people are well equipped to not only be future-focused but future shaping.

You can view an online version by clicking here.

Constructed using the same pillars as the previous plan, it is presented to you as a series of priorities and intended actions. It was important that we deliver a plan that is meaningful and relevant. It was also vital that this plan was grounded out of the plethora of data and feedback from our community, collated over several years. It has always been front and centre that this is your school and those essential core values and agreed purposes of our great school are clearly evident in any blueprint for the future.

Key goals of the plan include:

  • the quest to further personalise the schooling experience for every family
  • the need to continue to build into our programs the competencies of innovation and enterprise
  • the continued development of feedback and reporting
  • a sustained focus on wellbeing and personal development
  • the nurturing and enhancement of connection and a sense of community
  • the elevation of the customer experience for all our families and partners
  • the improved connections with our broad community including a re-engagement of Old Scholars and past parents
  • the development of a strategic and achievable road map for the development of infrastructure and grounds

From the plan, the entire staff will work to a comprehensive set of key tactics and key indicators that will drive our school onwards. There is just as much work that goes into making the plan come alive as there is in its construction.

As you will also notice, there is an exploratory component of the plan. We need to be open and accessible to new ideas, willing to investigate and test new educational thinking and be on the front foot when it comes to providing a schooling experience that gives our students an advantage that they take with them into the next stages of their lives.

Our work with this new plan is well underway and I am so very excited about our future as a leading independent school of choice.

View the Strategic Plan.

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