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We are excited to announce that the St John’s Grammar Careers Expo will be at our Secondary Campus in the Sports Centre on Wednesday 22 June, 2022 from 6pm – 8pm. The event is an opportunity for our students and their families to engage with key stakeholders in our community to explore future career pathways. On the evening a wide range of exhibitors will be available for you to interact with. Please click on the hyperlinks in the flyer here and also linked below to learn more information about each of them.

Industries represented include; 3D animation, disability support services, studying abroad, music, universities, accommodation services, business, nursing, chiropractic, medicine/UCAT specialists, hospitality, the defence force, the trades – including plumbing, motor, childcare, housing, hair and beauty, VET providers, apprenticeship brokers and employment services.

You are also able to explore different careers through one of the virtual reality headsets. We invite you to book into one of the half hour sessions exploring the Arts, Trade or Science with Mindflight7 in the Pargeter PG 05/06 classrooms through this Trybooking. Be quick though as there are only 20 places available in each session. Begin your artistic journey with a blank canvas using brushes and effects to draw absolutely anything in 3D – you can even draw a car and sit in it! Explore the trades with a Forklift session. Experience the workings and weightlessness of being part of a space station team. Learn how to move in a weightless environment, explore a virtual space station and carry out simulated tasks similar to those of the astronauts who work on the space station.

This event is open to all secondary students and their families. The wonderful St John’s teachers will also be available to discuss your child’s options in the lead up to subject selection next term. We hope to see you there!

Virginia Castine
VET and Careers Counsellor


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