Dear Parents,

A multipurpose sports top and shorts will be introduced from the start of Term 4 for summer and winter school sport. There are a number of sports including badminton, table tennis, tennis and hockey that did not have an assigned sports uniform, and parents and students shared concerns about the overuse of the school PE uniform for these activities. There has also been discussions about the number of sports uniform items parents need to purchase. With that in mind the Uniform Committee has adopted a multipurpose top and shorts that is already used for a few sports and will now be used across these sports too. The multipurpose top and shorts will be phased in during Term 4 and compulsory from the start of 2024.

The outline of each sport’s uniform can be found here in the 2023 Sport Uniform Outline. You will notice that there are still sports that require set uniforms and these will stay the same, but sports that previously wore school PE uniform will now have the multipurpose top and shorts that can be used across a range of sports.

This is also a good time to clarify that the school grey casual jumper is not part of the school sport uniform but students can wear their school PE jacket, ruby top and track pants for warmth. Please check the document for more details, and the uniform shop will be more than happy to assist you.

The Uniform Committee involves representatives from all Campuses (staff and students) and meets regularly to investigate new ideas and concerns in regards to uniform.

Kind regards,

Catherine Emmerson
Deputy Principal