Soaring our way to School!

By Amanda Bertschinger,

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Explore and Soar Week

Year 10 students and staff have relished a week spent out of their comfort zones. A group went to Mt Hotham and tried their skills at skiing and snowboarding in near-perfect conditions. Another tour party explored the art and drama hotspots of Sydney. A team of boys kayaked the Glenelg River before a caving adventure at Naracoorte. This group of adventure junkies then took on rock-climbing at Mt Arapiles. A troupe of future MasterChef’s spent the week with Emily Jones and Callum Hann (of MasterChef fame) learning how to create culinary delights and discovered a new appreciation of fine food. A small group of six girls spent the week building their credentials in looking after young people with special needs, then run a magnificent two-day experience for their new friends from CARA.

It’s a great week for everyone, designed to allow our Year 10s to experience something unique, together and a welcome break from the demands of a difficult schooling year. Once again the feedback from those organisations looking after our kids was exactly what we expect and what we have come to hear time and time again. Our students were terrific ambassadors of our school and very much welcomed back.

Students will present their Explore and Soar stories at assemblies over the next month. Mr Penfold has also provided an article on the Sydney trip this week.

Back to School for Parents

The School is committed to making our SOARING pedagogy come alive in classrooms. Teachers continue to plan learning activities that promote social, authentic and relevant experiences, which support each students’ quest to be an independent and creative learner. For parents, that must not be the easiest concept to grasp. What is SOARING, what does it look like in today’s contemporary classroom and why are we so committed to it? Your chance to understand SOARING by getting a first-hand experience of it in action is now on offer with our Back to School initiative. Parents can book their seat in one of five dynamic lessons all staged on Wednesday 20 September here on the Secondary campus. Catherine Emmerson (Japanese), Deb Woodard-Knight (STEM), Charlie Thompson (Drama), Ben Clark (Philosophy) and the PE department (PE) have planned an hour of highly engagement, challenge and fun. See the website for bookings. The Parents and Friends will provide a drinks and nibbles ‘recess’ after the lessons.

Year 11 Coaching at work

This term, on three Wednesday mornings, Year 11 students are working with Year 6 peers helping them gouge out new directions and ideas for their passion projects. Working in buddy groups, the first session allowed friendships to be made and Year 6s were able to proudly talk about the work they have doing in the My Space part of their weekly schedule.  Year 11 students will later use their coaching skills to get their younger school mates to come up with new goals and directions for their work.

The mentoring will continue into 2018 and newly elected Senior School House Captains have plans to pack even more into the buddy scheme. Great examples of student agency and leadership having impact!

Richard Anderson

Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School