Short Stay visiting International Student Homestay

By Tracey Wilson,

  Filed under: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School

St John’s is delighted to be welcoming students from Korea and China at the start of next term. Hosting students from around the world allows our students to experience the enormous benefits of multiculturalism and to recognise that we live in a truly global world. We will celebrate the visit of these students in a number of ways and look forward to the ways they will enrich our school.

Hosting a child in your home strengthens these cultural bonds, encouraging our students to recognise the bravery of these students, who are often very young, and to develop deep, long-lasting connections.

This is a wonderful way to develop your own child’s cultural knowledge, and language skills. All our host families are paid all the rates vary a little to please look at the different options.

Please consider becoming a host family to help welcome these students for a short stay. I am looking forward to hosting a student from Korea and know that my daughters will benefit enormously from the influence of this student. Candice Flinn, our Host family coordinator, will be happy to provide more information for you about what is required and can be contacted on 8278 0293 or via email.


Click below to find out more information about ages, payments and dates.


CHINA          July 24 – August 18 (4 weeks) Students from Year 5 to Year 8

KOREA        July 30 – August 18 (3 Weeks) Students will range in age from Year 5 – Year 7

JAPAN         July 27 – August 10 (2 Weeks) Japanese sister school visit from Yasufuruichi, Year 10 and 11 students