Senior School Road Safety and Awareness Programs

By Tracey Wilson,

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Dear Senior School Parents and Carers

In coming weeks, your child will take part in a Road Safety and Awareness Programs, specific to their year level, as part of our Wednesday Wellbeing Series. These sessions are filled with important information about safety and awareness and provide a range of practical strategies to keep them safe as road users, including as pedestrians, passengers and drivers. At times, some of the content that is shared may be confronting for your child and I encourage you to have a discussion with them prior to, and following their session. We also encourage ongoing conversations with your son and daughter about keeping themselves safe on the road. If you have any concerns about your child attending their Road Safety and Awareness session, please don’t hesitate to contact me prior to Week 4.

Year 10 + Year 10 parent session – parent session Tuesday 13 Aug in JBC at 6.30pm , student session 14 Aug – Sports Centre at 8.30am
• Year 10 students will participate in a Road Safety Awareness program by Save A Life Australia on Wednesday 14 August. This session also places and emphasis on students developing the skills and knowledge to build a base of competence and experience to enhance young driver safety. Students will have the opportunity to see or experience driving through a simulated experiences in a real car.
• Accompanying this, is a session for all Year 10 parents – an important opportunity to understand how you can best support your child in learning to drive and develop effective road safety awareness. This session is filled with practical tips to help you feel confident in helping your child become a safe and responsible driver and passenger.

Year 11 – please note session starts at 8am. Please arrive by 7.50am – 14 Aug JBC
• Year 11 students will participate in a Road Awareness Program by the SA Metropolitan Fire Service. This session is hard-hitting and involves footage of road accidents and a guest speaker with lived experience of trauma and injury sustained through a road accident. This important session will start at 8am in the JBC. Please arrive by 7.50am.

An essential element of the Road Awareness Program is a free app, that students will need to download prior to next Wednesday. This will be used in the session. It can be downloaded from the App Store (for Apple devices) or from the Google Play Store. Participants are required to register within the app to access presentation specific content on the day.
The app can be accessed by searching for “Road Awareness Program” in the App Store or Google Play Store or via the following links:

App Store:
Google Play Store:

How to download and register within the RAP App

Year 12 – Wed 21 Aug 8.30am in the JBC
• No Second Chances (N2C) is a revolutionary Youth Safety Campaign with the clear objective of saving teenage lives by educating the young men and woman of Australia of the dangers of street violence and the realities of road carnage. N2C encourages students to make smart decisions regarding their own safety through a confronting presentation. Students will hear from a guest speaker with lived experience of trauma and injury sustained as a through a road accident.

Kind regards
Carlee Mitchell
Leader of Student Wellbeing