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Dear Parents,

There are two Cross Country events coming up that students from the Secondary Campus are invited to take part in:

Individual Cross Country Championships

When: Friday 19/5 1:00 to 2:00pm

Location: Belair National Park (school buses to and from BNP).

How to nominate: Through your Head of House or Mr Travis via email

Unlimited number of students can nominate from each House, only requirement is being able to run the given distance and wearing you House top.

Belair National Park – Lorikeet loop.

Distances and age groups as follows:


  • 12 years Boys and Girls                          (Born in 2011)
  • 13 years Boys and Girls                          (Born in 2010)
  • 14 years Boys and Girls                          (Born in 2009)
  • 15 years Girls                                          (Born in 2008)


  • 15 years Boys                                          (Born in 2008)
  • 16 years Boys and Girls   +                      (Born in 2007)
  • Open Boys and Girls                                (Born in 2006 or 2005)


House Cross Country Relay

When: Friday 26/5 from 1:00 to 1:50pm

Location: Secondary School Campus.

How to nominate: 5 boys and 5 Girls will nominate from each House and Sub School. The final teams will be organised by Heads of House. House tops also required for this event.


If you have any questions about these two events, please email or speak to Mr Paul Travis in the PE Office.

Paul Travis
Head of Co-Curricular

Early Learning Centre

33 Sheoak Road, Belair
+61 8 8278 2242

Junior Campus (R to Year 6)

42 Sheoak Road, Belair
+61 8 8278 2242

Secondary Campus (Years 7 to 12)

29 Gloucester Avenue, Belair
+61 8 8278 2233

Enrolment Enquiries and Tours
+61 8 8278 0210