Secondary Campus Grandparents’ Day

By Amanda Bertschinger,

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We would love for Grandparents of students in our Middle and Senior Schools to join us on the morning of Wednesday 14 November.

This year we are providing a unique opportunity for Grandparents to sit next to their Grandchildren in class and go ‘Back to School’, where they can be part of classroom life. It represents an opportunity to experience a contemporary classroom environment, and it is a bit of fun! Alternatively, you can have your Grandchildren show you the School during that time.

Schedule for the morning;

9.40 am Meet their Grandchild at The John Bray Centre for Performing Arts Courtyard

9.50am: Grandparents attend the lesson with their Grandchild

10.30am: Grandparents’ Morning Tea (The John Bray Centre Courtyard)

10.50am: Students join their Grandparents for morning tea and an informal look at the JBC and Year 12 Art Exhibition

11.20am: Grandparents join us for Assembly

12noon: Grandparents may join our Community Development team for a tour of the School if they wish

To ensure we have classes and teachers ready, please confirm with Grandparents about whether they intend on going ‘Back to School’ or will attend morning tea and assembly only before their RSVP. I hope many families can visit and ask that you RSVP to Liz Day-Liebelt via email or phone 08 8278 0205 by Monday 12 November.

We very much looking forward to seeing you on the day!

Richard Anderson