Secondary Campus Extra-Curricular Opportunities

By Lucy Shelton,

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Further to the range of Sporting and Performing Arts groups and opportunities that students can undertake which are outlined on the School’s website, we have many other extra curricular opportunities for students.


These are promoted to students as they arise through our regular communications: The Daily Bulletin, Canvas, Assemblies and Home Group messages. Many of these are student-led clubs and these are often changing. Students can always find out about theses through the above forums, as well as enquiring with their Home Group teacher at anytime who can outline the current offerings. Currently, students are participating in:



Pedal Prix

Warhammer Club

Gym Club

Writer’s Club

Public Speaking

Minecraft Club

MS Paint Club

Strategic Games Club

Let’s Talk Nerdy stand-up comedy Club

Y7 Art Club


The opportunity is always there for students to develop agency through initiating new clubs.

Please encourage your child to speak with their Home Group Teacher at any time about joining in or starting something new.


Yours sincerely,

Ben Clark
Head of Middle School