School Uniform

By Amanda Bertschinger,

  Filed under: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School

The St John’s Grammar School Uniform is a symbol of the School. It creates a sense of identity and belonging for our students. All students are required to wear the correct, full uniform with pride and parents are expected to support this policy.

St John’s Grammar School maintains high standards of uniform and general appearance. Students are required to demonstrate neatness, cleanliness and good grooming, while complying with the specifics of the uniform.

Generally, St John’s students wear their uniform with pride. At this time of year, especially when we transition from summer to winter uniform, a few reminders are needed. Please find below a link to the Uniform Guidelines, which outlines the full details for the correct wearing of the uniform.

Please note the following items in the Guidelines that are requiring some reminders and consequences with students:

Hem Length

The length of the summer dress and tunic must sit just above the knee (or longer). Students with shorter dress length will be considered in breach of the policy. Please could you support your daughters, who may have had a growth spurt, to let down their hems or recognise that some students may need to purchase a new uniform.


The blazer is required as part of the formal uniform (from Year 3 onwards). In Terms 2 and 3, students must wear the blazer as the outer layer when outside the school, including travelling to and from school.

For further clarification on any part of the uniform, please check the Uniform Guidelines, which can be found at the following link:

Thank you for your support in helping our students wear their uniform correctly.

Leonie Harwood

Deputy Principal