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SALA Exhibition

2021 Exhibition: Human Kind

For thousands of years the human figure has appeared in art. Early cave paintings show figures of hunters depicted by a few strokes. In ancient Greece human figures were the focus of the images found on the decorative vases. Through the ages the human figure has been the source of inspiration in all forms of art; in portraits, storytelling, capturing historical and world events and beliefs.

In this exhibition, Human Kind, students have observed the human form and explored the idea of what it means to be human.

Day Of The Dead Cultural Celebration

Year 7, Term 1 & Term 2

Year 7 students explored the Elements of Art: line, shape, tone, texture, and colour through mediums of lino printing and ceramic work. Using inspiration from the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’ where loved ones who have passed are remembered and celebrated. The study of skeletal systems was an initial focus and designs were created with emphasis online and shape for a two-colour reduction print. Students were also given the opportunity to create a sculpture in three dimensions, once again with focus on the skull to learn how to manipulate form. Additive and subtractive processes and glazing techniques enabled students to achieve a colourful sculpture to include in our ‘Day of the Dead’ installation.

Henry Moore Inspired Figures

Year 8 Visual Art and Design

Students researched the work of Henry Moore, a well-known British sculptor whose imposing figurative works focus on human form. Collaborating to photograph each other in relaxed poses, students were challenged with the task of creating a ceramic figure that expressed emotion.

Sculpting in the round requires students to understand form, space, scale and proportion and requires both additive and subtractive techniques. Learning about glazing and firing processes enabled students to complete their piece and contemplate implications for installation and scale in environment.

Junk Sculpture

Year 8 & 9

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Creative Sculpture assemblages made from found objects.

Try to identify the everyday objects used to create these fun portraits.

Thinking Self-Portraits

Year 9

Rodin, the French Sculptor and often consider the founder of modern sculpture, provided the inspiration of this series of self-portraits.

Students explored portraiture then using clay, created self-portraits demonstrating emotion and character.

Can you recognise any of our talented Year 9 Artists?

Skeleton Prints

Year 9

Students used from the large charcoal Skeleton drawings as inspiration and developed a series of prints using the intaglio dry point etching technique. These delicate prints are part of a series of 4.

Skeleton Wall

Years 9, 10 & 11

“I began thinking about my skeleton, this solid, beautiful thing inside me that I would never see”. Mary Roach.

A wall of Observational Studies developed to refine the technical skills of our students working from direct observation, students explored different media and mark making.

Portrait Project

Year 10

Inspired by the Archibald Portrait Prize, students were tasked with the challenge of developing their own individual portrait painting.  Depicting someone known to them and with whom they had a connection.  Having met with, sketched, and photographed their sitter, students researched Archibald past winners.  They explored painting techniques and worked on compositional ideas that they then applied to their own unique portrait.

These paintings demonstrate immense skill, determination and perseverance shown in our students.

Take a close look and see if you can recognise anyone?

Hanging Around: Paper Clothing

Year 11

As the world move towards a more sustainable future, the Textile Industry is moving forward with ‘slow fashion’ and alternative materials being explored for clothing.

Finding inspiration in fashion designs from the past, students were assigned the brief to create a wearable outfit using only paper.

These amazing outfits are the culmination of weeks spent experimenting, drafting and learning new skills.

Wander through the ethereal display of the students’ creations. Enjoy the video of the impromptu fashion show shot by the very capable and creative Scott Parslow, Pre-service Media Studies Teacher.

A perfect way to showcase the students’ incredible outfits.

God or Goddess

Year 11 Art


Deities are a form of religious iconography incorporated into artistic compositions by many religions as a dedication to their respective Gods and Goddesses. The various artworks are used throughout history as a means to gain a deeper connection to a particular deity or as a sign of respect and devotion to the divine being.


Year 11s researched the theme of Gods and Goddesses in Art History. They focussed on one particular region of the world and developed an image to create a collagraph. Students were challenged with the collaging technique of low relief to then develop into a print.

Wire Faces

Years 7-11

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