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This week we are pleased to share that we have launched Pulse with our Year 7-12 students, after a successful trial in 2021.

Pulse is a wellbeing check-in platform that is used by schools across the country to monitor student wellbeing. Students are prompted via email each week to reflect and report on their general level of wellbeing, this report can be viewed by the students’ Home Group teacher, Head of House and Head of School.

Students have the option to send an alert if they need help so teachers can provide immediate support. They can also to respond to a range of question regarding six domains of their well-being from The Nest: Australia’s well-being framework for 0-24 year olds. These domains are:

– valued, loved and safe

– material basics

– healthy

– learning

– participating

– positive sense of identity and culture.

You can read more about these domains here:

The data collected allows us to compare these wellbeing domains with data across the country, identify areas of strength and those requiring improvement across different groups within the school, to track changes, identify patterns and plan initiatives to support growth.

In addition, students can opt to send gratitude to other students and staff; an action that has well-being benefits for both the giver and receiver.

Further information on the platform can be found here:

Please contact me should you have any questions at

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Leader of Student Wellbeing

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