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By Sandie Bray,

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Time to Bloom in 2019

The words Bloom Where You Are Planted are written on a postcard above my desk and whenever I read them, I am reminded of the importance of each individual within our school and wider community and of how everyone has a vital role to play. As human beings, we have the capacity to excel and to make a positive contribution wherever we are placed. Within our Junior School, the staff are continually looking for ways to nurture the skills and creativity of our students so that they can thrive wherever they happen to find themselves.

I believe myself fortunate to be able to work at St John’s Grammar where I have the opportunity to interact with students who display a genuine excitement for learning and professional colleagues who show a desire to build upon their understanding and practice in order to bring out the best in their students. Alongside being a Year 3 classroom teacher and Year 3/4 Science teacher, I hold the role of Primary Coordinator on the Junior School Executive Team.

As well as supporting student leadership and sustainability initiatives generated through the SRC, my portfolio includes working with Daina Booth, the Junior Primary Coordinator, to help drive the development of our differentiated outdoor learning spaces and gardens across Reception to Year 6. In her article this week, Daina outlines how families within our school community can become involved with this process and help facilitate actioning our current plans.

In 2018 we started developing our garden spaces, and despite experiencing some extreme heat weather over the holidays I am pleased to say that, with a little extra watering TLC from our afterhour’s caretaker and some dedicated members of our community, our gardens have managed to survive! At our first Assembly back, Nick Smith welcomed all new students into the school and over the coming weeks, I will be organising a time for each of them to mark this occasion by adding a plant to our expanding gardens – something they can watch grow as they move through their time here.

This year looks set to be an exciting one and to support our garden program, Thursday lunchtime Gardening Club will get underway again in Week 2 for any students who love learning about plants and like getting their hands into the soil! As many hands make light work, I would like to extend an invitation to be a part of this lunchtime group to any interested parents and grandparents in our community. You are welcome to come along and join us if you have an interest in gardening or would like a chance to learn along with us. There is always plenty to do with watering, seed growing, plant propagation, soil building, mulching and creating garden art and crafts. If you are keen, I would love to hear from you – and remember to always Bloom Where You Are Planted!

Bronwyn Sharpe

Primary Coordinator