Parent evening with Jodie Benveniste

By Liz Day-Liebelt,

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On Tuesday 29 May, the ELC hosted a parent evening with Jodie Benveniste, psychologist and Intuitive Parenting specialist, shared her insights and strategies for understanding children and what they really needs from us as parents and adults, how to make the most of each child’s early education experience, and how to bring out a child’s best – for now and for life.  Jodie is a psychologist, parenting author, TEDx speaker, and big believer in the power of intuitive parenting. She is also the newly appointed Chair of the Board of St John’s Grammar School, where her two children attend.

A large group of parents attended commenting that the evening was inspiring and relevant to their family. Concrete examples and discussions provided concrete examples and ideas to take home and try. Staff from the ELC and Junior School, Daina Booth and Fiona Sandercock commented, “We walked away with a wealth of knowledge around parenting and how we can choose to parent from our heart and how we can actively choose what sort of parent you and your child needs you to be.”

As we all want our children to reach their potential and we know that the early years are a critical time for children’s growth and development, we need to know what works. A few notable thoughts to share are:

Children are natural born learners. How do they learn?

  1. Observing
  2. Doing – Experimenting

There are two factors that influence learning.

  1. Experiences
  2. Relationships

There are many current issues affecting children these days. Some of these include; sleep, defiance, shyness, tantrums and stubbornness, just to name a few.

We want to raise amazing kids. There are three things that can create this –

  1. Children with brilliant behaviour
  2. Children with emotional resilience
  3. Calm connected parenting

There are two goals that come from following Jodie’s framework.

  • Family harmony – love, kindness, connectedness, shared experiences.
  • Personal transformation – our own personal growth. We can change the patterns in our family and grow and learn together. If we become better people then we become better parents.

Parenting Skills

What to do when your child is showing poor behaviour? Eg, being defiant, not getting ready for school in the morning, throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their own way.

  • Pause – this is the difference between reacting and responding. In the heat of the moment, just take a moment to pause.
  • Heart – get out of your head and connect into your loving energy. For example, in the heat of the moment, parents are saying, “now look what you have done, look at the mess you have made, don’t answer back to me, right, now you’re in trouble.” By connecting with your heart and empathising, this opens a space for things to look and feel different. The possibilities open up – what next?
  • Intuition – connect to our inner wisdom, connect with our children, we know what to do.

If you would like some more information on all the great things Jodie has to say, please visit her website. She is an amazing wealth of knowledge and we are so fortunate to have her in our school community.


Gay Illingworth

ELC Director